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Meeting rooms are an inevitable part of the business world. From starting up a business to confirming a deal to even closing down a business, meetings are a crucial component within business operations.  Although the meeting room back in the days was a place where a meeting was held, the development of technology, psychology, creativity, and most importantly, interior designs have changed the idea of a meeting room.  

The development of meeting room concepts has come to a point where it significantly impacts attracting clients and making meeting sessions productive. Below is a list of meeting room trends in 2021 that business centers should adapt to.

Formal and collaborative 

Nowadays, meeting room trends align more towards connectivity and collaboration while maintaining the formal elements of a traditional meeting room. The furniture used and the layout of a modern meeting room focuses on providing equal access for participants to contribute, present, and make themselves known at a meeting- this allows more fluid interactions and productivity at a meeting session. 

This is why large meeting tables with various shapes, including rectangular, boat-shaped, or round are still an essential part of meeting rooms in business centers to keep participants neatly seated and focused on the meeting session with an undisturbed formal arrangement. 

Alongside the formal setup, meeting rooms in business centers now shed a spotlight on wall space, fostering collaboration and creativity among the meeting participants. The wall space is dedicated to sharing and iterating data in a meeting.

Flexible Spaces

Depending on why a business needs a meeting, the meeting space requirements can also vary accordingly. For example, a large meeting room is perfect for department check-ins or client meetings- but a brainstorming session or one-on-one discussions will require a more confined meeting room. 

On the other hand, a business may not want to hire large rooms for a small meeting as it will equally cost them higher. Furthermore, even when clients rent large meeting rooms for minor or small purposes, they can waste resources and lead participants to impersonal conversations. 

As an energy-saving strategy, business centers are now moving to opt for flexible meeting room designs. This doesn’t require you to break down walls or install new ones. Instead, this trend is mostly maintained by using removable wall dividers, allowing meeting rooms to be sized according to the meeting space requirements. 

Use of interactive elements 

Nowadays, modern meeting rooms in business centers are focused on adding more interactive elements to a meeting room – to enhance the productivity of a meeting session. 

This includes the traditional whiteboards, projectors to LED video walls, cloud-based systems, and even sound absorption techniques to eliminate all possible errors that can disturb the interactive nature. 

Apart from this, meeting room interiors are also equally given the right focus on colors, design, space planning, and layout to foster more interactive characteristics to meeting sessions. In traditional countries, modern meeting rooms in business centers are built and maintained based on positive energy, keeping away uncertainties and other cultural and religious concepts. They do this to make sure that meetings attract the right energy to promote business success. 

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