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The coworking office setting is no longer a new concept but there are still a lot of confusions and misconceptions about how it really works.

That notwithstanding, the concept of flexible working is one that has come to stay. Today we will be busting some of the myths surrounding coworking spaces, letting you know the truth so you can join other entrepreneurs to experience the beauty of coworking, first hand.

Read on to discover the truth as we dispel the 3 most popular myths about coworking:


Myth #1: Coworking Spaces are Noisy
This is a popular misconception about coworking because many people mistake a coffee shop for a coworking space. It is true that many digital nomads operate out of coffee shops where they have no control over what’s going on in the environment, coworking space offers you some level of control over where you are and what’s going on there.

These days, a typical coworking will be divided into different sections and you are allowed to utilize any of the sections that you feel is most convenient for you. It’s like an all-in-one package for a minimal cost.

So if you are working from a coworking space, you have the choice to move to a quieter area if you discover that an area is noisy. At the same time, it depends on what you define noisy to be.

Studies have shown that some people thrive in a buzzy working environment while others prefer a quieter setting. Most coworking spaces like ours are designed to cater to all work styles. So you can choose the setting that fits your style.


Myth #2: All Coworking Spaces are the Same
One advantage of coworking spaces over the traditional ones is the availability of multiple designs and settings. These days, different coworking spaces are trying hard to outshine the others, the end result is many choices for coworkers.

At myOffice, we are even taking it a step further, not only are our spaces unique in terms of designs and settings, we strive to provide multiple choices in each location. We consider the taste, style as well as the operational and expansion needs of different coworkers.

In some unique cases, we create new office design concepts to accommodate the demands of our coworkers. So if you find out that we don’t have exactly what you desire, we will appreciate your suggestions.


Myth #3: Coworking Spaces are For Freelancers
It is true that the use of coworking spaces was popularized by freelancers and digital nomads but these days, full-time employees (mostly remote workers) and even employees of multinational corporations are operating out of coworking spaces for some good reasons.

First of all, coworking spaces allow big organizations to venture into a new market without going through the hassle of creating a workspace or an office setting that will accommodate their operational needs.

Looking to rent a coworking space, feel free to visit any of our offices. You can also book a free tour of any of our offices in the city of your convenience. We have spaces in the best parts of Dubai and Jeddah.

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