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There is a tremendous increase in the number of coworking spaces in developed countries all across the planet. New startups and freelancers often opt for coworking spaces as it is a cheaper alternative to the traditional office settings and offers a variety of unique benefits that truly enhances productivity. For well over a decade, businessmen and women have chosen to work from a Flexi desk that offers them a grand number of advantages. In the current wave of the coronavirus, most people favor working from shared offices since it is possible to complete tasks in shifts that allow for more flexibility. There are many new emerging trends when it comes to coworking in Dubai, and some of the most prevalent ones are mentioned here.

Advanced Technology

One of the most important trends which are expected to revolutionize the coworking industry is an increase in the quality of technology involved. Earlier, there was always a necessity to recruit a manager who would oversee the workspace and ensure every office space is secure. People work in shifts at their convenience, and hiring a manager for each shift is an activity of the past. With high-end technology and security measures, team members can come and go as they please. Each worker has access cards, and along with time trackers, electronic invoices, and an automated attendance system, there is no need for human involvement.

Unique Twists To Coworking 

There are coworking spaces in almost every country on earth, and these work habitats have become more of a niche sector. The idea behind such a unique coworking space is that people who work in the same service industry can be brought together. For example, a coworking space which is designed entirely for coding and developing, or consider the idea of an area that is tailor-made for women entrepreneurs. 

There is a high demand for spaces that are solely built for designers, photographers, or writers as it helps the professionals who rent these spaces to collaborate on various projects together. The practice of creating a niche community among the workforce in a Flexi desk space is a trend that is quickly catching on.

The Go-Green Initiative

Another trend that seems to be catching on quite quickly among shared office spaces in Dubai is a better work ecosystem. More plants are used within these spaces as they tend to exude a positive ambiance for the people working here. The workers who share space tend to be more productive when the offices are greener. 

The management of the future workspace will include artificial waterfalls, stones, and structures that resemble natural facets to provide the right atmosphere for the people who work in shared offices. Since people spend at least about 40 percent of their weekly time in the office, it is a great idea to add an element of nature to increase the work-life balance.

Futuristic Designs

One of the most eye-catching features of a coworking space is its functional design. Most shared offices worldwide have a sleek and toned design that attracts the new business person from the moment they set eyes on it. These designs are getting more intuitive by the day, with options for people to work on standing desks or even bean bags. 

The companies which offer shared spaces provide recreational spots where one can involve in foosball, chess, and table tennis. One common denominator among the people who work in shared offices is that most of them lead an active lifestyle. This means that workspaces of the future will favor them by offering services like Gyms, yoga centers, and meditation rooms.

Touchless Interaction

We have entered a new era where people are not inclined to use money for transactions. The coworking spaces in 2021 will have a wholly integrated touchless system where wireless devices are controlled through a unified interface. The process of reserving a meeting room is simplified to opening the app on the mobile phone, selecting the available slot, and paying through credit or card. Business centers in Dubai have already evolved to exhibit some of these trends, while others are well on the way.

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