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Why do so many expats in Dubai and the UAE choose to live and work there?

This is because the prosperous city is strategically located on the global map. Dubai not only offers world-class comfort and luxury but also a tax-free salary that allows you to reach your hopes and aspirations without breaking your budget.

Professionals from all over the world are pursuing jobs in Dubai, and this influx has helped to make the city a culturally diverse place to live and work.

Dubai can be characterized by recreation, spirituality, culture, tradition, sports, malls and skyscrapers and is known for offering the most desirable working environments.

Over the past 2-3 decades, Dubai’s economy has grown exponentially, and this development is expected to continue in the coming decades, generating a multitude of exclusive jobs in the city.

This most preferred workplace destination is a haven for expats. If you are planning to live or work in Dubai, here are some of the 5 of the best things about working in the city:


Tax-free Salary

Dubai provides residents who want to live a comfortable and luxurious life with the best tax-free investment opportunities.

You don’t have to pay wealth tax, corporate tax, or income tax.

Although investors earn maximum profits from a rented property in Dubai, the advantage of having to pay no tax simply means a person can save sufficient funds to invest elsewhere.

Incurring taxes against the income of any individual is against UAE legislation, which means that gross income goes straight to the bank account of the worker. You can have all your hard-earned money, and you don’t have to pay any income tax.

In addition, UAE residents also do not pay stamp duty, tax-free rental income, capital gains, or inheritance tax. It is an enticing opportunity and in the long term, it can help you save a large amount of money.

To get the benefits of tax-free income, however, make sure that you have no obligation to pay for tax on foreign-earned and sourced income to any other country.


Multi-cultural workforce

More than 180 different nationalities worldwide live and work in numerous business centers in Dubai. It is strategically located in the middle of the business map of the world that is easily accessible from different parts of Asia, the Middle East, and even countries in Europe.

If you want to immigrate to other countries, including Australia, Hong Kong, Canada and so forth, Dubai can also be a great launchpad. So you can experience here not only the Arab lifestyle, but you can also connect and work with people from all over the world.

Expats make up the majority of the working population in Dubai. To professionals from countries such as the Philippines, India, Pakistan, and even Europe, the city is a preferred choice. Such a wide mix of nationalities means diverse cultural and professional influences in the form of international dining, entertainment, and leisure.


Superb Lifestyle

If you are looking for the perfect balance between work and life, the UAE is the place for you to live; many people living and working in Dubai are non-citizens.

Communities are enriched by a mixture of cultures from around the globe, thereby giving expats and Emiratis the ability to interact with both the Arabic charm and opulence as well as foreign influences.

Across the UAE people are welcomed with a warm reception to some of the best cultures and delectable cuisines from around the globe, ensuring that there is an unlimited selection for the people who work and live in the UAE.


It’s Safe and English is Widely Spoken

The UAE is the 49th most peaceful nation in the world and the 40th in terms of societal safety and security, as per the Global Peace Index 2015.

Very few residents in Dubai feel the need to look over their shoulders as they walk home at night and there are very rare occurrences of dangerous incidents when out and about on the streets. 

Unlike most other cities in the Middle East, many people working and living in Dubai speak and understand English extensively.

As such, there is no language barrier that can prove to be a serious obstacle to expats. Undoubtedly, learning Arabic is a plus, and it can give you better job opportunities.

This being said, most local citizens speak and understand English, making business with the locals easier for expats from all over the globe.


Attractive Benefits and Work Packages

Many Dubai employers have realized that small wage increases are not enough to retain talent for mid-level jobs; instead, it is the perks and benefits that can make a huge impact in attracting and retaining talent.

While professional benefits and wages are not what they once were, most employers still offer a decent pay package which includes, health insurance, 30 days of leave per year and airline tickets to fly home.

In addition, most employers often provide housing allowances, opportunities to earn incentives and bonuses above and beyond the wage, flexible working hours, and tuition assistance.

There is a greater movement towards a better work-life balance in recent years, and as a result, employers in Dubai have adjusted their incentives to satisfy this growing demand.

With the many wonderful benefits that come with working in Dubai, it is worth considering to move and work here. If you’re looking for wonderful business centers in Dubai, we at myOffice can provide you with options for space that will fit your needs.

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