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One of the biggest factors that make a company successful is knowing the perfect location for your workplace. You might feel confused about where the perfect location should be as there are many options to choose from. With the rise of entrepreneurs, Dubai offers many opportunities in terms of an ideal location for your serviced offices. If you’re having a difficult time selecting one, here are 5 ways to choose a serviced office in Dubai:

1. The ideal location is in or near a business hub.

There are many business hubs in Dubai, but one of the most well-known ones is Business Bay. There are hundreds of companies in Business Bay, which also means that there is a tighter competition, yet this means it’s a great place to attract clients and customers. This location is a growing business community where many multinational and local companies are flourishing together.  

There is a bigger opportunity to expand and improve your business network as all these business entities are in the same place. Business Bay is also easily accessible, so you’ll find it easier to host collaborations. Ensure that you can build and foster a professional relationship with the other businesses in the centre, so you can leverage their skills, experience, and network.

2. An ideal location is a place that offers possibilities for expansion.

One of the goals of a business is to expand and grow, so it’s always a good idea to allot room for expansion. Many serviced offices in Dubai accommodate your growing business needs, even if it’s on a long-term basis. It’s good to plan and choose a serviced office that offers expansion possibilities.

3. The ideal location is visually pleasing.

Your office design affects productivity among your employees. Most employees feel stressed as they spend long hours in front of the computer screen. If the office has good aesthetics, then the employees can allow their eyes to relax by viewing art or anything pretty. This might seem like a small thing, but it actually has a positive impact on attitude and productivity.

Having a good interior for your office also makes a good impression on visiting clients. If you’re looking for a view by the sea, then renting a serviced office in Dubai Marina or Jumeirah Lake Towers might be for you. It sure will have a breathtaking scenic view to have your business located in the ocean or lake outside the office windows and it can also leave a calming impact on both of your employees and clients.

3. The ideal location has a recognisable landmark.

A recognisable landmark adds credibility to your business. It’s also easier to give direction to your office to potential clients and employees.

4. The ideal location is easily accessible.

Not everyone has cars or driving licenses. There are employees who still choose to commute. If the location is a walking distance to a Metro or Bus station, your employees would a hassle-free travel to the office. With your employees happy, business will become more productive as they could have a healthy work-life balance.

5. The ideal office has a parking space.

Your office needs a parking space. Ideally, this should be included in your serviced office contract.

If you are looking for an office for rent in Dubai, you need to try out serviced offices as your business could benefit greatly especially in finding the ideal location for your new workplace!

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