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Serviced offices are convenient solutions for contemporary business ventures. These solutions consist of a group of offices or office buildings that are fully furnished and managed by a facility management company. The office providers rent the individual office, or floors to other small, local, or big companies for their use. 

These offices are also known as managed offices, flexible offices, shared office space, co-working spaces, and located within business districts. Serviced offices are rapidly gaining popularity due to their flexibility and advantages. 

These spaces offer convenience, cost-efficiency, flexible work areas, and a collaborative atmosphere. Another reason for their immense popularity is that it caters to the needs of all clients, including freelancers, local businesses, and startups. 

There are a lot of benefits to renting out a space that fits your individual needs. However, it is still crucial to enquire and be aware of certain factors before signing the license agreement. 

The License Agreement

Before determining the license agreement, factor your company’s needs and requirements. Each business venture runs on different terms; look into the number of employees, the interiors you desire, clients you cater to, and payment methods. 

Some may prefer payment upfront, whereas others may benefit from monthly instalments. Communicate with the office provider about your preferences so that you can wisely manage your finances. 

Cost For Rental

While checking the office spaces and the license agreement options, be sure to check the rental costs. Studying the costs before making a decision will help you make the right choice. If you prefer affordable options, our office providers can suggest alternatives that fit the budget. 

Infrastructure And Interiors

Before finalizing on a service provider, check if the interiors and spacing options fit your needs. Each company has a unique vibe, and its office space has to reflect their mood. We offer meeting rooms for rent, and they can be accessed according to your needs. 

While examining the interiors, make it a point to inspect the basic infrastructure. Do not miss out on enquiring about the type of IT and telecommunications provided. Also, check into the postal services and phone connections.


The location of the office space is a crucial factor to consider. The location plays a huge role in determining accessibility. You have to check if the location is a convenient fit for the company, employees, and clients. Make sure to also pay attention to the amenities nearby (coffee shops, restaurants, metro stations). 

Expansion And Downsizing

Keep the future of the company in mind while making a decision. Businesses are subject to constant changes and will have to adapt accordingly. Check if your service providers can keep up with this change and offer spaces that can expand, or downsize. This will save you from making an unwanted commitment while still having the option to expand or downsize. 


Another question to ask while looking for offices to rent is about accessibility. You can ask the provider if they are available 24/7, as employees could have different working hours or availability. 

Moving In

Another crucial question to ask your office provider is about the date of availability. Some spaces may not be up for immediate availability due to other occupants. Serviced offices are a popular solution opted by many, therefore fix your move-in date with the provider before signing the agreement. We provide a 60-minute move-in, which enables you to pack and start as soon as you are ready. 

Serviced offices are a flexible alternative to conventional office spaces. These shared offices give you the control to choose your work area, method of payment, and amenities. Contact us to go through some of our renowned office spaces.

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