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Coworking spaces are the latest trend to hit the corporate world. However, unlike traditional office spaces, coworking spaces are membership-based work spaces, where you will find diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, start-ups and other professionals working together in a shared, communal environment. And since it’s not a traditional working space, chances are the people you work with won’t be the traditional kind either. 

So what kind of people can you expect to meet at a shared office space? Let’s take a look:


  • The Health Freak

While traditional office goers would ideally spend their day jumping from one meeting to another, you’ll notice a health freak jump from the office to their local gym. Not one to take their work-life balance frivolously, you will almost always find them munching on home-made salads or doing a quick stretch from time to time. You can also count on them to give you advice on how to remain healthy while working long hours or how to keep yourself hydrated while working on those client presentations. While these people will always get their work done, they will also be the first ones to shut down their work-life for the day and look forward to spending quality time with their friends and family. If you’re looking to learn about work-life balance, take note of them and get to know them better. Not only will you learn time management but if you’re looking to get in a quick workout, you’ll always find a gym buddy in them.


  • The VIP


The VIP is someone you’ll see walking around in the hallways, constantly on Skype calls or rushing out for meetings. These are the kinds of people who thrive on being seen, almost to the point where it may seem like they don’t have an office. You’ll probably get a “Hey, how are you?” and answer back only to realize they’re on a call. However, these are also the people that are good networkers and make them well connected. You can always count on them to get things done and in a timely fashion. They’re not ones to loaf around or spend time making small talk. They believe in time being of the utmost essence and will ensure they don’t waste a minute of it. If you’re looking to hang out with them to learn more about how they work, a good suggestion would be to get your walking shoes on because they’ll keep you on your toes.


  • The Workaholic


Literally nowhere else to be found at except at their desk, the workaholic colleague will constantly be typing into email oblivion and answering client calls all day long. If you’re looking to catch up with them over tea time, you’re sorely mistaken. They’ll look at a day with minimal time wastage and if that means having their lunch at their desk, then so be it. You can also count on a workaholic to be the least bothered by what’s happening around them. They’re not part of office gossip and could care less about how your day’s going. However, if you’re looking at being motivated to get things done in a timely manner, you might want to pull up a chair next to them and watch them work. However, chances are you might not be noticed at all.

  • The Over-Enthusiastic Networker


If there’s one person who will take full advantage of a coworking space, it’s the networker. You’ll find that everyone knows them or about them because they’re simultaneously everywhere, introducing themselves to everyone and chatting with everyone in the room. And this is what makes them an asset in a shared office space, especially if you’re a newbie and need help getting around. As a networker, you can count on them to be all-inclusive. They don’t judge or discriminate based on who you are or where you work. On the contrary, they’ll be the first ones to cohabitate or create events for others to join and get to know each other. They are not normally in it for self-promotion but are naturally good hosts, which is what makes them your go-to buddy and someone you can count on to always include you. The best part of a networker though is their sheer enthusiasm and love for the people around them.


  • The Night Owl


Since coworking offices offer 24/7 access to their workspace and amenities, you’re likely to find a night owl from time to time come in at 3 pm and order food at 8 pm only to settle into the late-night hours. If you can’t find them, look for a desk with multiple coffee cups or a pile of black hoodies. Since these people often spend 10+ hours in the office, with the sun up for only 3 of them, coworking spaces are their best bet since shared office spaces allow for very flexible hours ideal for those with strange sleep schedules. With a night owl though, don’t expect to make after office plans or receive an invitation from them for dinner parties. They prefer the nighttime because that’s when they get most of their work done and don’t believe in spending it at social gatherings.

  • The Freelancer


It’s relatively easy to spot these kinds of people. They’re usually found by the open spaces or lounge areas working with earphones on or their feet up. They usually drop in to find inspiration, meet with others and to have a little chat from time to time. They like to take breaks and go on walks around the neighborhood or even just around the office if that gets their ideas flowing. They don’t usually like to be alone but that doesn’t necessarily mean they feel the need to speak to anyone either. They just enjoy having the company around them. As a freelancer, they have the freedom to make their own hours, which gives them plenty of time to get to know people while simultaneously getting their work done.

  • The Startup Groupie


These people are usually part of a new company and move in groups. Since coworking offices provide space and amenities for a large number of people, you’ll often find startup employers and employees sitting together brainstorming about the latest ideas and generally being highly motivated. You’ll see them every day, throughout the day and sometimes even on the weekends. If you were to speak to them, you’d find that they’re usually pretty upbeat about everything their company is doing and will not miss a chance to tell you about their corporate plans. Quite enthusiastic about their everyday tasks, no two days are the same for a startup employee and this is what makes them very interesting. You’ll find they have something new to offer every day you talk to them and are quite self-motivated.

While these are just a few of the types of people you’ll meet at a coworking space, the advantages of working in a shared office are many. Other than meeting new and interesting people, you will also learn a lot about cohabitation and having a workspace that caters to varied individuals and organizations.

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