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A coworking space is one where individuals can work collaboratively or individually to complete projects that concern a company. They provide multiple benefits for the enterprise of people as a whole and can be highly beneficial to boost productivity and efficiency. In order to reap the same benefits, a business startup can also make a solid start on their activities within such coworking spaces. Before you decide to do so, it is necessary to look out for nine factors that can help you finalize on the best fit space. 

1. Trial

A good option to look for in serviced office operations is if the company can provide any trial period. This will help you to evaluate if your team can perform well in such coworking settings and if the business is truly being benefited. If not, another style of working space can be decided upon that will suit your employee’s style and business.

2. Budget

As the company is just starting to be established and a lot of expenditure will be expected in terms of operations, planning to rent a serviced office that falls within the budget is necessary. There are a range of services offered for coworking spaces depending on the size, time and availability and you can choose the one that suits your needs and capacities accordingly. This will help you manage your finances and get the desired working space for your business to thrive.  

3. Amenities

It is also important to check on the amenities that the coworking space can provide to your staff and business meetings before finalizing it. The basic ones include a printer, faxing machine, coffee, tea and other refreshments, parking spaces along with a good internet and phone connection. Others also include having all other office supplies and stationery that will make your space seem like any other corporate one available for use.  

4. Services

When it comes to services, a company must provide a variety of spaces to choose from for your benefit. In this way you can decide if coworking spaces are indeed the best fit for your business over hot desks, flexi-desks and other office styles and spaces. Also, an address that is dedicated to your business office is definitely a plus.

5. Location

Having the coworking space be in a prime location within the city is yet another aspect that must be analyzed before booking one. This is especially important for the employees who will travel daily to the office space along with any clients that might drop by for business meetings and proposals. This will ensure convenience in accessibility, which is also essential for a business setup.

6. Flexibility

A coworking space must be flexible in terms of their timings and space provisions. This is vital for businesses that are engaging with clients that reside in different time zones and might need to work around the clock to complete deals and contracts. In order to do so, alternative spaces must be available for your staff to use at any time of the day.

7. Community

If there are further networking events and opportunities that are specifically offered to you, your startup can greatly benefit from such services. You are likely to meet many business owners and learn about their needs and services which can provide a perfect business opportunity for your firm. This community of clients and employers will help your business grow and succeed further. 

8. Workspace

Having the right-fit layout for your workspace is important to help cultivate more creativity and innovation into your tasks. If the layout of the office includes features, such as smart boards and other mediums that you can use to express your ideas, then you can boost the productivity of your team in a feasible manner. Therefore, it is important to have a space that caters to your mental balance and wellbeing as well as those of your employees. 

9. Contracts

Establishing a good contract that gives a lot of freedom and priority to your business and its activity is essential for the company. Especially when it comes to expanding the space when your business grows, the contracts must provide leeway for such adjustments. This must also be applicable to modifications such as downsizing or shifting into an alternate style or location of coworking spaces. 

By ensuring that these nine factors are thoroughly satisfied, you can be ensured that your coworking space is the best fit for your business. If you wish to gain more information on coworking spaces and the services it can specifically offer your company, contact our staff at myOffice and book a tour to our serviced offices today.

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