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Serviced offices have evolved as one of the most flexible workspaces worldwide, especially with a pandemic’s recent outbreak. Generally, a fully furnished serviced office comes with different options other than just being fully furnished. Depending on the workspace provider, these options may vary. However, below we have a quick guide on some of the options of a fully serviced office that can be ideal for you to enhance your workspace requirements. 

Lease Options 

First things first, a fully furnished office usually has the option of a short-term lease or an all-inclusive monthly cost. The lease length given to you can be short as a single month or even range up to five years – depending on what’s convenient for you and your business plan. 

Design, Layout & Build

A fully-furnished serviced office will provide you a completely designed and built office space. You have the option of getting a fully furnished service office that shares amenities on the same floor, or you can opt for a full-floor or full-building office environment for maximum space. 

The office provider may also give you the option of configurable design, layout, or build services. This is where you can partner with the office provider to personalize a fully furnished serviced office layout to incorporate your business’s unique branding or maximize workspace. 


A fully furnished serviced office usually includes all the basic furnishing options like chairs, couches, café seating, workstations, and carpeting. 

However, some fully-furnished serviced offices also offer furnishing packages. This is where you can personalize your office experience by using packages that include privacy shields, whiteboards, workplace partitions, and workstation supplies (such as computer monitor arms). 


Amenities such as snacks and beverages, café spaces, and on-site fitness centers are part of fully-furnished serviced offices. However, the office provider may also offer you the option of customizable amenity packages where you can tailor the amenities better to meet the needs of your employees more effectively. 

Meeting & Event Space 

A fully-furnished service office space can also feature the options of meeting and event space if required. Depending on your office provider, these meeting and event spaces can be a shared on-demand space, or in cases of a full-floor or full building serviced offices, it can be a private space within the floor plans.

Facilities Management

A fully furnished serviced office comes with a fully managed workspace- which includes facilities management as well. Basic facility management services include janitorial or clerical services, supplying food & beverages, technology maintenance, and IT support. 

Apart from this, you also have the option of customizing other facilities management such as phone and email management or opt for technology packages that will provide private server rooms, local networking, and custom firewall configuration, and so on. 

As it’s clear, a fully-furnished serviced office doesn’t stick to its literal meaning. Apart from customizing the furnishing or layout of business space, you have plenty of other ideal options you can opt for in a fully furnished serviced office to solve your workspace issues better. 

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