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When it comes to setting up virtual offices, the process is fairly simple for new users, given its expansive services that are handled by a third-party service provider. A virtual office, in essence, is when a business chooses to work remotely with the help of additional services that help maintain the business’ presence on the owner’s behalf. 

These services primarily include phone and mail management wherein all calls and packages are intercepted by a service provider in the management’s stead. Besides these exceptional aspects, an occasional physical presence can also be maintained by accessing the on-site resources for your firm’s benefit. But what do these services truly include?

Phone Management Provisions

You can take advantage of optimal business services as the phone management team from your provider will take over call handling for you. A personalized number that is dedicated solely to your business will be provided to you upon the start of the service. The team will answer all calls with a personalized greeting that not only introduces your company adeptly but also helps set a great impression of your firm and its services. 

Any calls that need urgent attention will be forwarded to your personal number for further follow up and communications. With multilingual staff who can carry a conversation in a variety of languages, you can be ensured of optimal quality of services. All fax to mail transfers, message service, and voicemail set up are also taken care of by the reception staff that ensures you get the information on time as needed. 

Mail Management Necessities

The mail management services are a vital part of your business as all packages, documents, as well as any physical copy of files, is received at the designated P.O.Box provided to you by the service provider. Once you have your account set up for use, you can expect direct email notifications that will be sent to you upon receiving any mails at the main office. 

All postages will be received and signed off for you and collected until you are ready to come in and have them picked up. A correspondence address in Dubai will also be made available for your utmost benefit. Through this, any clients or staff can keep in touch with your business even as you continue to work remotely for the most part. 

Occasional On-Site Space Use

Office spaces can also be used as you sign up for phone and mail management services for meetings and interactions that need to take place in person. You can avail five days of free workspace (Flexi-desk) access every month as well as five hours of free meeting room usage. In addition to this, if you are also interested in making additional bookings for office spaces, you can benefit from discounted prices that also ensure free allowance usage across all the central locations of the service provider. With unlimited wifi availability and complimentary drinks that will keep you hydrated, you can carry on all business functions in an optimal manner with the help of serviced help from professionals. 

To sign up for phone and mail management services today, you can register your business with our staff at myOffice and reap all the benefits that the service offers to your firm. This will help your virtual office presence be firmly established and in progress as your business adapts to the changing times and needs of the hour.

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