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Traditional offices are gradually giving way for modern, serviced offices and co-working spaces.

This disruption is caused by so many factors that pose as merits of this kind of office arrangement over the conventional ones.

In case you are not yet sold on the idea of running your business out of  a serviced office, here are a few merits of working from a serviced office space:

Premium Locations
Serviced offices are usually located in premium locations and business districts. So, working from one serves an opportunity to base your business operations in a prime location and enjoy all the benefits that come with it while paying a minimal cost. Our offices in Dubai and Jeddah are all located in the enviable parts of the cities.

Flexible Payment Plans
This is perhaps, the most outstanding merit of serviced offices over traditional ones. For traditional offices, you are mandated to sign long-term contracts of  3 years or more. The costs are usually outrageous and intimidating for startups. With serviced offices, you don’t have to think about how to afford long-term lease since the contracts are flexible and you are allowed to pay month-by-month. You can even pay for weekly and daily use if that is convenient for you. Even large corporations are turning to serviced offices in areas where they have short-term projects.

Cost Effective Bundles
Not only are serviced offices better in terms payment plans, but they also come fully-fitted with other basic office requirements like telephone, Wireless connection, ergonomic furniture, and storage facilities.

Third-Party Services are Taken Care of
Paying for serviced offices annually may seem a bit expensive but when you factor in the cost of other additional services and third-party management that you enjoy free of cost, you will appreciate the luxury. For instance, our serviced offices in Dubai and Jeddah include multilingual receptionists to handle most of the front office tasks for you including greeting your guests and answering calls on your behalf. A team of dedicated staff is also available to handle emails and take care of basic administrative tasks so you can focus on getting the more important things done.

LImitless Networking Opportunities
These days, serviced offices are like the Alexandria library of the yesteryears. They are the meeting points for talents and breeding grounds for startups. Running your business out of one will be an opportunity to meet and network with entrepreneurs like you. Believe me, nothing can be more refreshing than meeting people who understand what you are going through as a business owner. Even if your business is growing or has grown, it won’t hurt to get fresh ideas and meet potential clients and business partners.

Security and Peace of Mind
Most serviced offices are equipped with state-of-the-art security apparatus to ensure all-round protection of the facilities and the clients. All our offices are fitted with the latest CCTV technology and personal access control systems to guarantee your safety.

Now that we are aware of the merits, hope this post will help you to make the right decision as to which is the best for your business.

If you are looking for the best-serviced offices or co-working spaces for you and your team, we have well-furnished, flexible contract offices in Dubai and Jeddah.

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