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A coworking space is beyond a shared office concept. It is a dynamic and vibrant environment of diverse and like-minded professionals pursuing the boundaries of a single organization.

Coworking spaces have more benefits than drawbacks in their flexible approach to doing business, which includes versatility, collaboration, and networking opportunities that it provides to freelancers and start-ups.

By being respectful to other people, you can build a friendly environment while working in a shared office space. You can even create a courteous culture at the coworking space that can be followed by everyone.

Whether you are using or searching for a shared office for rent in Dubai, keep in mind these top coworking space etiquettes that you should practice:


Keep A Hush And Quiet Voice


One of the most significant etiquette principles for shared office for rent in Dubai is to keep the space quiet. Try to work out a suitable time to call or go to another part of the building if possible if someone on the other line has a difficult time hearing. Speaking in a natural voice avoids disputes and helps all workers to focus on their work.

When you think you’re getting excited about the conversation you’re having at the other end of the line with someone, find a better place to talk. Or better yet, leave the office for a while in order to avoid disrupting anyone’s peace and focus.

In fact, there is no need to switch your cell phone into a silent mode to avoid disturbance. The volume of the ringer turned down will be enough. Do everything in a leveled volume and avoid slamming doors or anything for that matter.


Tidy Up After You’re Finished With Anything


Leave the workspace as if no one used it for the sake of the people and the well-being of the other workers in the area.

Just like you don’t want empty bags of crisps and small snack wrappers left on your desk, don’t presume that the next member booking your spot will always clean up after you.


Do Not Overuse Facilities Or Equipment


It can create issues and disruptions in the coworking community when someone goes beyond their limits.

It involves overbooking meeting rooms, locking others out, using all the papers in the photocopier, and using somebody else’s allocated space.

Remember to only use your designated space, use the conference room only during the period you need it, and stay in the space you’ve reserved.

You can always find a quiet study area to work or make calls without interrupting anyone if your area is limited.


Respect Other People’s Privacy


Do not just peek over their desks when you need to talk to someone. Try to catch their attention by tapping their cubicle or table gently.

Do not touch, eat, and use anything that is not yours. If it can not be avoided, then seek permission from the owners to borrow before using something and always make sure to give it back.

If you are borrowing a pen or other office supply, make sure you have your own stock of such resources to prevent frequent borrowing. You should not make it a habit to rely on other people’s supplies particularly if you can afford it on your own.


Network And Collaborate With Other Members


One of the biggest benefits of joining a coworking office for rent in Dubai is meeting people from entirely different backgrounds and industries. Learn to embrace a dynamic way of working and build friendships.

Not only can it help you broaden your list of networks and get some free word of mouth advertising, but you can also gain new insights into your work and life, develop new skills, and make more friends.

Depending on the culture, the design of the environment, as well as the type of work being done, you can gauge what’s going on within your workspace and the proper etiquette to practice.

You can easily adapt to a coworking space by following the basic rules described above and have a more pleasant and successful coworking experience.

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