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Sharing a workspace with other strangers may seem a little nerve-wracking, but it does not have to be that way. Once you overcome the initial fright of the unknown, you are likely to blend in with the new company and build your new empire with the help of other valuable professionals working beside you. Co-working is the best opportunity to explore new grounds and build connections that can get you to the top. 

The Idea Behind Co-working

The term was initially coined by Brad Neuberg back when he started the space sharing movement in San Francisco (2005). His vision was to set up a place where one is free to work at an office that still exhibits the feel of the workplace. With the current trends and e-business ventures growing overnight, it is no surprise that there are rapid shifts in office spaces. Therefore, progressive thinking has led to the boom of this concept, where individuals work side-by-side. 

Multinational companies like Google and Facebook did not just switch from single workstations to open workspaces. They realized that open workspaces encouraged the flow of ideas and creativity, and this led them to take the plunge from traditional offices to co-working spaces. These fundamental changes benefited the companies as their employees became more productive and creative.

The reason that these spaces became a popular option is that it fostered a culture of shared thinking, togetherness, and creativity. It is an affordable option for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and work-at-home employees. Unlike the usual coffee shops, libraries, and home stations, the co-working offices do not have distractions, do not make you feel isolated, and have a professional environment which motivates you to work with concentration as everybody around you is trying to achieve the same.


Some of the benefits of co-working spaces are:

Cost-effective: It is a cost-effective and trouble-free option for many. It saves companies and individuals the time and effort involved in finding and setting up traditional office spaces. Within this budgeted option, you can also pick suitable locations and other benefits such that they come within your budget. Co-working spaces offer you the best of both by providing professional working environments without other complicated legal hassles. You no longer have to worry about office repairs or maintenance fees. You can also opt for virtual offices

Networking: Co-working spaces are the perfect places to build your network. Within these spaces, you will find like-minded people from different fields who can be of great help. It is the ideal environment to network, share information, and knowledge about your respective fields. The same opportunities can help you create new connections and partnerships. 

Setups like virtual offices do not have any hierarchy; therefore, employees have the freedom to work to the best of their capabilities, and this becomes the strength of any entrepreneurial startup.

Motivation: Motivation is a crucial factor in employee productivity. The more motivated the employees are, the more productive they become. When you are surrounded by committed, enthusiastic workers, you automatically feel the need to push harder and meet your goals. Other coworkers can also give you their opinions about upcoming projects, which can lead to new collaborations. 

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