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People nowadays opt for the creative office solutions like co-working spaces where work has become fun and flexible. This option has thus became very popular in Dubai with more and more people taking an interest in such a collaborative environment. 

A shared office space is proved to be an effective place for entrepreneurs- big or small, remote workers and freelancers who have actively chosen to be a part of such a community consisting of like-minded individuals. This atmosphere is not only built for the people to focus on increasing  productivity but also to be associated with independence and freedom. 

Members enjoy serviced offices and benefit from social security. Working with a diverse number of people from different industries, projects and ventures may seem overwhelming but it takes away the problem of internal politics and the culture of trying to fit in. Below are ways to improve and enjoy your stay at a coworking space. 

  1.   Host Weekend Events

One of the best ways to create a network is to conduct social events. It’s an excellent way to embrace diversity, especially for coworking spaces in Dubai where people from different cultures work together. Networking increases business connections and opportunities for collaboration. Another benefit of networking events is that you get to widen your networks by interacting with more and more people who can help your business grow. This, in‌ ‌turn, opens your door to a lot of opportunities by being in contact with the people in your coworking space, by sharing ideas and possibilities to help your business.  

  1.   Take in Responsibility

Organizing group accountability is one way to cultivate participation and give a sense of collaboration and community. Accountability groups can meet once a week and discuss matters that concern the shared office space. This empowers fellow members and creates a feeling of belongingness. 

  1.   Organize games 

Weekend Bingo and monthly raffles are fun ways to enjoy your shared office space experience. It alleviates work tension and stress over deadlines. Turning labor into laughter will promote a healthy working environment which is also central to the members’ well-being. 

  1.   Create an Online Community

Encouraging participation in an online community can help members of shared office spaces build a collaborative environment. Whether it be a social media group or a monthly newsletter, it will make members feel that their voices are heard and will make their stay rewarding and enjoyable. 

  1.   Experiment on different arrangements

One advantage of shared office spaces is the ability to choose a working environment.  A lot of freelancers hate sticking to a routine and small businesses benefit from occasional routine changes. Re-arranging office space can offer a refreshing perspective for the members. It is advisable to involve members in the decision making as well.

  1.   Keeping an open pantry

A lot of coworking spaces in Dubai have an open pantry with amenities like coffee, tea, and biscuits. Dialing it up a notch by creating a shared pantry where members can put food for sharing creates a collaborative environment. This unique concept encourages the members to be part of the community. 

  1.   Finally, don’t just create networks, socialize

Engage in interactions and put yourself out there! you are in a shared office space, make the most of it by taking the initiative to socialize with different members in your coworking space. Respect your fellow members by being organized and disciplined; you’re in a shared space after all. Help each member and create a collaborative environment.

A shared office space has a different kind of environment, which will help in shaping people and sharing ideas. Consider working in a coworking space to have experiences with people who share the same thought processes as yourself or can help to develop better ones.


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