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Setting up your business is no easy feat but with the right tools and assistance, creating the perfect foundation that sets you up for growth and success is possible. To achieve this optimal base and get your enterprise running, taking a license that allows you to operate your business in the country is a priority. 

Even for foreign investors looking to expand their markets and begin a business on Dubai grounds, gaining the right licensure is a much-needed start. When it comes to choosing a license, business owners can either opt for a mainland company or a free-zone one. But which of the two is the best fit for your business venture?

What A Mainland Company Offers?

If you are looking to establish a business that deals with either commercial or professional licensing within the local markets, choosing a mainland company is the best option. In order to do so, a local partner or service agent is needed who will complete and apply for all government applications pertaining to the licensing. 

You would also be required to lease out 200 square feet of office space on an annual basis to begin your operations within the country. Depending on the serviced office space leased, an unrestricted number of employees can be hired under the license. It is to be noted that under this license, standard government approvals, and at times, external authorities are required to continue the business in the chosen industry. 

What A Freezone Company Promises?

For owners looking to do business in exports and imports to the U.A.E, selecting a Freezone company will allow that freedom while being based in the same free zone of initial set up. With 100% ownership for the expat investors, you can be assured of complete control and claim to the enterprise you establish. 

Furthermore, you can begin operations without complying with any need for physical office space and make use of Flexi desks and common business centers that are available to the masses. Depending on the zone of your choosing, you can avail anywhere from two to six visas on the license without interference from external authorities, your trade can continue as it is supported by an easy license issuance procedure. 

Picking The Best

If you are looking to make a name in the local markets in the U.A.E going for a mainland company will prove to be beneficial especially for MNCs. For entrepreneurs and ambitious business investors who value freedom and ownership above all, choosing Freezone licensing will be highly recommended. You can bring your vision to life in the country with well-established service partners who are ready to guide you through every step of the way. 

Not only will a Freezone company offer a quick set-up, but will also ensure that with reduced overhead costs. With optimal phone and mail management services and a serviced office ready as and when you need it, Freezone companies are taking over the market with their assurance for easy and efficient means of business to set-up and operate. 

At myOffice, gain all the assistance you need from our staff who are well versed in providing the best-fit Freezone licensing solutions for expats and locals alike. 

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