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It is common knowledge that there is more to succeeding in business than having a bright idea and working hard. Networking and relationship building are factors that can not be neglected in the success equation. But these are not just factors, they are critical skills that are difficult to master. Worse still, it is not every day that you get to meet the people that can help you in the course of growing your business or advancing your career.

Successful entrepreneurs understand this and never miss an opportunity to attend seminars, workshops, events, and meetups. While these are avenues for learning, they provide great opportunities for exchange of the ideas, values, and ultimately, relationship building.

Today, a coworking space can provide the same opportunities. But instead of attending events, you get to meet some bright minds, all working on a course to better the world through innovation.

Here are some ways working in a coworking can provide opportunities for networking:


Community: Most coworking spaces are built on communal values and respect for one another. This allows for collaboration toward achieving the individual goals of the community members. While each and every person is working on their individual projects, it is usually easy to get assistance from other professionals.

Openness: While at networking events people force themselves to meet and associate with others within the limited time available. In a coworking environment, relationships grow naturally. People respect each others privacy, and the networking happens over time as people get to know each other. Relationships built in this manner last for decades and even go beyond business and profits.

Diversity: If you are often intrigued by people’s behaviour, a coworking space is a great place to meet people and learn why they act the way they do. Shared offices are usually a hub for professionals with different academic, religious, and social upbringing, each acting and working in a unique way. This piques interest among the coworkers, leading to discussions, and relationship building.

Energetic Atmosphere: Most traditional offices are high-pressured with people confined to cubicles and mandated to get the job done within a specific time frame. A coworking space is a sharp opposite of this. Shared offices are usually open, and vibrant with people working towards accomplishing their tasks. The open and lively environment creates a natural opportunity for networking.

Non-hierarchical: In a traditional office space, people are afraid of networking due to internal politics and the hierarchical structure of most organizations. However, in a coworking space, there is no hierarchy. No one cares about the others position or accomplishments.

At myOffice Business Centre, we have co-working space facilities suitable for businesses of various sizes. Our community comprises some of the brightest minds, and amazing individuals. And we are always working to ensure that the community is beneficial to all our members.

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