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Ask any digital nomad what they enjoy the most about remote working and he or she will tell you one thing – location independence. But choosing between coworking space and working from home can be a difficult decision to make.

While some remote workers choose to work from home, citing that coworking spaces are glorified cafes, many others choose coworking spaces stating improved productivity, networking opportunities, and sense of responsibility as the merits of the later over working from home.

This argument and comparison are old as the remote working concept itself. So here is our take on the issue. Being a coworking community, we tried as much as possible to approach the argument from a neutral point of view.


Cost Effectiveness
You already know the winner with regards to cost. While coworking spaces require a financial commitment, working from home is absolutely free. Except for your house rent or mortgage which you still pay even if you opt to go with coworking space.

For coworking spaces, the cost of membership depends on a number of factors including location, facilities available, additional services and support, and the country or region.

In the Middle East region, you should expect to pay around $800 – $900 for a monthly membership. While this may seem exorbitant when compared to working from home, the amenities provided are unlike what you get at home.

However, if cost is the major factor you consider when making such decisions, working from home will definitely leave you with more money.


Depending on your level of discipline, you get as much work done working from anywhere. But most members of our community agree that they get more done working from a coworking space.

If you are like most people, working from home makes you feel at home. And you know what that feeling is like – relaxation, stress-free, and bonding with loved ones. Those are the things that matter to most people when they are at home.

In addition, television, house chores, kids, and other house related activities can often be a source of distraction. More so, working in your pajamas can be a temptation to jump into the bed for a short nap. This can quickly turn into a 4 hours sleep. Coworking spaces can help you feel like you are actually obligated to get the work done because you paid for space and need to get the most out of it.

In the same way, seeing other entrepreneurs and remote workers can trigger the positive competitive state in you. But interaction and networking with other coworkers, if not well managed, can lead to the loss of productive time.


Work-life Balance
Working from home can drive you nuts at an early age.  I have been there and I know this for a fact. When working from home, you can quickly lose time doing irrelevant things, and then spend time that is meant for socializing trying to catch up with the lost time.

Coworking spaces create the opportunity to make new friends, engage in fresh conversations, and even build lasting, beneficial relationships. Even if you are a digital nomad, working from a coworking space in a new city is a good way to meet new friends and learn about the culture and happenings in your new city.

When it comes to maintaining a social life, another perk of coworking space is they usually organize regular networking events, allowing members to connect with like-minded professionals and prospective clients.


Support for the Idea of Remote Working
Most digital nomads are of the opinion that location independence is one major advantage of remote working.  Working from home erodes that merit and opting to work out of your hotel room when you travel can come with some challenges.

However, most coworking companies have branches in different locations and supportive online communities that can help you to settle into a new city without having to worry about a workspace with ergonomic chair, gym membership, internet connectivity, and all that.


If you have a very high level of discipline and can get more work done regardless of the environment you are in, working from home can be a cost-saving option.

Moreover, you can get up and start working immediately without worrying about preparing breakfast, packing lunch, and arranging your work gear.

However, coworking space can be a source of inspiration, helping you get more work done while enjoying your independence. In addition, coworking can help you maintain a healthy balance between work and social life.

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