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Workplaces have evolved over the last twenty years, and nowadays, coworking has become the norm in most countries due to its ease and functionality. The question we hope to answer in this blog is whether workplace flexibility affects employee productivity. The short answer is yes, as proven by multiple studies and researches conducted over the past few years. The work environment is changing, and people are opting to work in serviced offices and shared office spaces in Dubai

The idea of coworking has caught almost every new entrepreneur’s attention, and they are setting up their work station with much ease. Coworking is not a new trend but has enveloped both freelance and mainstream work environments over the years. Let’s delve a little further into this topic and see how flexibility can positively influence a team member’s productivity.

Improved Collaboration

When you work within a niche coworking domain, you do not have to step out of that setup to receive, extend, and interchange ideas. The professionals who work alongside you can quickly help you with tasks, and you can tap into their combined talent pool. If you are running an accounting firm from within a shared office space and require a bit of legal advice, you may not have to go too far in receiving it. 

It is also possible for individuals to increase their skillset and knowledge by mingling with the professionals surrounding them. Since each team member is allowed to work on the tasks they are proficient in, costly errors do not happen, and hence, duties can be finished at a faster pace.

Constant Connectivity

Most of the time, in large corporate offices, people work from behind cubicles and end up forgetting that they are part of a team. In a serviced office setting, people are humanized, and there is a free flow of creative talent. This reduces the chance of misunderstandings between managerial staff and the employees. The boss understands the effort each person puts into the project and the team members know the responsibility that lies on the shoulders of the manager. Unrealistic timelines are avoided in this setting, and the team leads get to complete the project within the mentioned deadline.

Happier Employees

A large number of the workforce across the world is comprised of millennials who give great importance to friendships and workplace camaraderie. The more these employees have a chance to build personal relations, the happier they will be. It is easy to reason that a happy team member will be more productive and will be able to produce better creatives. The fact that coworking spaces in Dubai business centers allow for socializing is a great advantage to the entrepreneurs who value productivity.

A Perfect Balance

There are many ways a serviced office and coworking spaces can improve work-life balance for the better. People who freelance from their homes understand this the most as they are constantly interrupted by their pets and families. Those employees who toil in large corporates also feel a sense of not balancing their work and personal life. 

When you opt for working in a serviced office, you are surrounded by like-minded people who want to get the most out of their work hours. These coworking spaces also have dedicated areas to relieve work stress by playing foosball or table tennis. When an employee receives the right amount of mental relaxation, they are bound to be more productive, and the work output is of a much higher quality.

If you are looking for the perfect serviced office or coworking space to set up your new venture in a prime location at a business center in Dubai, then myOffice is the right choice. You have the option of flexible monthly payments with exceptional amenities and utilities that come with the bundle, ensuring you get the most of your workspace.

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