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The first office space you choose to establish your business with is important in setting the right impression regarding your company’s brand image. An office space is not only essential to the employees of your business but especially to the clients that will visit the space to talk business. To ensure that you succeed well in setting up your firm the right way, there are five essential considerations that should be made.

1. Location

The location of your office can prove to be a game-changer for a client that is considering doing business with your firm. If the location is at a spot in the city that can be easily accessed from any and every other location through public or private means of transportation, then a client is more likely to take advantage of your business services. 

A perfect location with good accessibility will also be beneficial for your firm’s employees who can save on their time and energy if the office is located at a central position in the city. This will also give them more options in terms of public transport and provide them with the utmost convenience and feasibility. 

2. Layout

The layout of the office space is also important for the employees and clients that are involved in the business firm. For clients in particular, office places that have meeting rooms where presentations can be given and ideas can be discussed efficiently is essential. Such rooms will also provide a good capacity to seat clients and their acquaintances with ease. Conference rooms are also fundamental when foreign clients are interested in conducting video calls with the team to communicate.

As for employees, a space that boosts creativity and productivity is vital. Coworking spaces can assure this while providing sufficient space for collaboration. Office layouts that have a lot of windows allow for more sunlight and add more positive energy to the work environment. Similarly, space present for frequent team meetings and communication can help employees stay more motivated and dedicated in completing their assigned tasks. 

3. Facilities

There are many facilities that a business requires throughout its operations and activities that must be provided in an office space. These include a pantry where refreshments can be made and served along with sufficient room for printers, faxing machines and photocopiers to be installed.

A good number of power outlets on the walls will help keep the connectivity in the office for phones, internet and charging stations, which are important for employers, employees and clients. This will ensure further practicality and ease while working within the office space.

4. Flexibility

If you are interested in considering serviced office spaces, they must offer a number of amenities that will ensure perfect flexibility for your business. Aspects that account for flexibility include a variety of spaces that are available at any time of the day to use. This is essential for your business when dealing with international clients and MNCs that operate at different time zones and work hours. 

If spaces are available round the clock, your business can function better in any setting. Furthermore, flexibility in terms of moving furniture around that will help increase productivity is also a helpful aspect for your firm as this will allow for efficient communication and collaboration. 

5. Agreement

A feasible contract for an office space that falls within your budget range is also vital for your business. Your financial resources are needed for many functions and operations in the business and a space that can be provided within your price range will help you invest the available money in a better manner. 

An agreement that is flexible is further beneficial for a firm as this will ensure that as the business’ needs increase or decrease, the office space can be upgraded or downsized just as needed. By fulfilling such requirements, you will be assured of optimal services that are always satisfactory and cater to your business firm’s growth and success. 

These five key considerations can help you determine which office space is best suited for your business. Your first office will then be able to have all your needs satisfied as well as those of your employees and clients. To view an office that will fit your company perfectly, visit one of our myOffice branches and transform your business style and efficiency today. 

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