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With ever-changing market trends and evolving business needs, retaining high amounts of financial funds can be a definite challenge. With most enterprises looking to cut down on expenses with the ongoing pandemic that has affected incoming revenue, opting for business solutions that reduce costs can be a gamechanger. 

One such option is provided for businessmen and women alike who are looking to lease serviced office spaces but would like more security and freedom, namely flexible leases. This variation of leases allows for more flexibility in the payment terms and options that can give your business more time and space to finance the office space and potentially also decrease overhead costs.

Learn more about the benefits of this feature below.

Monthly Payments

A lease can be flexible in many ways, one being its payment terms. Leases offered by providers usually include policies where the entire payment is expected to be completed up-front and in advance of the start date. If your service provider agrees to a flexible payment plan, this will allow you to take a year’s worth of lease and pay for the shared office space on a monthly basis without paying any fines or penalties.

This will especially be helpful for your overheads that will not experience a sudden spike. In turn, this will leave you with more capital in hand to use on other business needs and necessities. You can also ensure liquid funds are always present especially during a time of financial emergency. This way, your overheads will be kept to a minimum and remain stable for the most part throughout the year in terms of rental payments.

Variable Commitment

Another aspect of flexible leases that makes it a desirable option amongst the masses is the variability offered on the tenancy time. Rather than settle for an annual lease at a time of uncertainty, you can have the lease tailored to your forecasted needs that will allow you to save on capital and costs. You can either commit to a 3-month, 6-month, or a 12-month lease as per your preference and requirements. Any changes in the terms and conditions can also be accommodated to ensure you have a smooth transition from one lease to another. 

Quick Move-In Time

For tenants looking to move into a serviced office at the earliest date available, a quick move-in time can be a highly desirable feature. Where most service providers expect the contract to be signed first and a move-in date assigned for the first day of the following month, newly introduced aspects have given a new definition to the word flexibility by allowing an immediate move-in. 

Within 60 minutes of your contract creation, you can move into the facility and have your office started and running. This extreme efficiency and feasibility ensure that you can invest your capital when it is ready and available that will allow you to have control over keeping your overheads scaled as needed. Good command of your overheads would give you the opportunity to handle your business accounts in a better way.

To avail all the above-mentioned benefits, you can approach our staff at myOffice where we provide all of these features as a part of our leases on any of our rental offices. Get in touch with us and reduce your overheads today.

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