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As the COVID-19 pandemic surges forward and provides hope on the mortality curve being ‘flattened’ to a greater extent, a return to reality seems more plausible than ever before. This journey back to establish a ‘normalcy’ is anticipated to be rough, given the outbreak’s after-effects. 

Navigating this altered reality is a necessity even for serviced office providers as businesses and offices are expected to return to their usual operations in the near future. Serviced offices can prepare its premises for people as they return to work by incorporating the following aspects in their environment. 

Spaced Out Workstations 

The most important component for a recovery plan post-pandemic involves following the social distancing rules and other guidelines provided by health authorities until announced otherwise. To keep the number of affected cases low, having each workstation spaced out at a minimum distance of 6 meters from one another will help provide a safe environment to work. 

Not only would this provide a sense of relief for users as they return to the new settings at work but also assure them of a potential return to normalcy in the best way possible. Returning employees can enjoy the office setting once again as they resume work with slight alterations that are made keeping in mind their safety. 

Multiple Pantries And Amenities

Getting back to absolute normalcy overnight is not feasible given the pandemic’s ongoing effects that are still hazardous to people’s health and well-being. However, as employees return to work, providing facilities that mimic a sense of normality is still needed in order to help users feel more comfortable and at peace while working. 

Both the factors can be well satisfied by introducing multiple units of pantries and amenity set-ups whereby the users are not crowding in one pantry alone. Having more printing, faxing, and copying stations will help people stay far away from one another as possible while also giving them the opportunity to use the services as and when needed. 

Varied Set-Ups And Spaces

When transitioning into a new normal, it is important to include new set-ups and spaces that will further facilitate the idea of gaining back normalcy at offices for rent in convenient and amicable ways. These can range from using meeting and conference rooms of a bigger size than usual to allow seats to be placed according to the social distancing guidelines. 

Furthermore, the usual set up of the office can be changed from a coworking space layout to one of classic service office settings with cubicles. Each work station will then be partitioned well and will further enforce the safety standards set forth by health and governmental authorities. Adapting to new set-ups can in a way help restore the normalcy from the past in an effective manner.

At myOffice, our staff can help you settle back into office spaces with support services that will help make the process of starting back at the office easier on all your employees. 

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