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The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis that requires constant change and initiative to be successfully countered and overcome with time. Specifically, for the serviced offices and workspace industry, this means a constant evolution of policies and strategies to be inclusive in countering all items of concern at all times. 

Office spaces can vary in size and style, ranging from shared office spaces such as co-working spaces, meeting rooms to serviced offices that are each subjected to their own restrictions and policies. To stay safe in such a growing environment that is also crowded, we have created a guide to help you navigate the new workspaces in a better manner. 

All About Safe Distancing

All office spaces, irrespective of their style and make are expected to implement the policy of social distancing the right way. This entails that every desk and chair and any other seating arrangement is spaced apart at least at 2 meters in length to reduce the chances of the crisis worsening. Employees, as well as staff present on-site, must follow these restrictions to limit the spread of the virus. 

You can also pitch the idea of installing physical barriers that can further help this policy work efficiently in the serviced spaces. All facilities, be it printers, copiers, and even pantry items are placed at safe distances throughout the space to avoid crowds from gathering around in any concentrated area. 

Adopt Protection Strategies

You can make the utmost use of the sanitizers and disinfectants that the serviced spaces providers have present at their site for you. From the provided computers to the furniture in the office space, all areas are regularly sanitized by the staff, however, you can invest personal efforts in completing the task from time to time for utmost protection. Wearing a mask even as your work is another requirement that must be well adhered to from the very start of the day to limit means of virus spread.

Limit Direct Contact

As your team gathers for a meeting to discuss reports and other aspects of work-life, it is necessary to limit shaking hands and sharing files and notes. Keeping it all electronic and online will not only help you stay more protected but can also help the entire team stay on the same page. Sharing any snacks and conversing near high touch surfaces must also be avoided at all costs to limit direct contact as well as prevent contact with surfaces that are frequently accessed by everyone at the office. 

Opt For Independent Spaces

If co-working spaces do not seem to make the cut for your needs and requirements and prove to be detrimental to your large numbered workforce, opting for other solutions is advisable. These include independent serviced offices for rent that are made for a very limited number of people. Such spaces are more likely to include cubicles that are pre-established as part of the office’s infrastructure and help isolate each employee in one section. Such spaces will cater to all your safety measures and necessities as well as help you avail all the benefits of a serviced office space. 

Begin using your serviced workspace the right way by choosing a business center with all policies set in place well before time. This can help you further your own company’s protection measures and help keep all employees and employers safe during the crisis. 

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