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The onset of COVID 19 has caused major setbacks for small and large-sized companies. The drastic changes have forced people to change their pre-pandemic strategies and come up with innovative plans to combat the current crisis. Serviced offices have always been a boon for small business owners and dynamic businesses. Currently, it is a suitable option for start-ups, as they can get access to top-class workspaces at affordable rates and without any long-term commitment. 

What Is A Serviced Office?

Serviced offices are brilliantly designed spaces that come fully equipped with strong, effective technological structures and professional furniture. The offices are usually located within business centers or otherwise a part of a building owned by an operator. The managers then rent out individual offices or entire floors to companies who wish to use these ready-made spaces. 

It is best to avoid offices for rent that require down payments, as it may not be a feasible option for new businesses and start-ups, especially during the COVID 19 times. This is a new concept that has sprung to meet the demands of young companies to focus on their business venture rather than office space and lease. 

We have different payment options you can pick from, and you can choose to pay in installments or even a monthly basis. This allows managers to adjust their office requirements and avoid trouble relating to rental issues. Conventional offices will have a lease, maintenance expenses, furnishing costs, facility costs, all of which are not financially practical for start-ups. A serviced office is already equipped with everything you need and also includes other benefits which traditional offices do not offer. 

Some of the benefits of serviced offices include: 

Facilities: Serviced offices come with all the necessary facilities such as desks, chairs, reception areas, and lunch areas. In this shared office space, the company only pays as it goes, everything is transparent, and there are no hidden fees. Your company only pays for those services that you use.

Affordability: The best part about serviced offices is their affordability. It is a package which is inclusive of all the facilities so that you are not bothered with the hassles. Most serviced offices are fully-furnished, so there is no need for you to stress about moving in and setting up your furniture. You can choose your serviced office from the many different options available, and in this manner, you can pick something that suits your budget. 

Short-term rental contracts: With serviced offices, you have the freedom to choose your space and select a suitable contract. You can opt for a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual leasing contract, whichever is better for your business venture. This is one of the many reasons serviced offices are the best option for start-ups. 

Since start-ups initiate with some uncertainty, you can always get a serviced office, and once the company picks up, you can switch to something more suitable. Short-term contracts also give you the choice of upgrading when you make more hires as the business expands and all this without other high charges. 

We offer some of the best-serviced offices in the UAE, and we have different spaces to suit your particular needs. In case you only require a temporary office space, we also provide meeting rooms for rent, which you can use when required. 

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