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The COVID-19 Pandemic has presented a variety of challenges to every business operation, demanding for many changes to be made to existing systems. Amongst the many features that are being affected and altered, office spaces are a defined aspect that will experience a shift like no other. With the social distancing protocol that is expected to last months after the pandemic, the requirements list for a serviced office is bound to be rewritten. Deciding on the best-fit office space can be made easier with the following list of features to look out for in the post-pandemic world. 

Reconstructing The Idea Of Space

If you choose to comply with the safe distance arrangement that works best for maintaining social distance, reconstructing your workspace needs would be a start. As you browse through serviced offices to find the best-fit one, dining spaces that are furnished with desks placed at an appropriate distance from one another is important. This way you can ensure the health and safety of your employees who can then work daily without any further worries. 

The safe distance must also be reflected in the seating arrangement prevalent in each type of room such as the open office desk sections, meeting rooms, and other seating areas. Even amenities that are shared amongst employees must be carefully distributed throughout the office to reduce physical interaction while also boosting productivity. By looking out for these features, you can be assured that the office space that covers these aspects can cater to all the needs of the organization well. 

Balancing The Mix

To accommodate every need of the business and provide space that fits each type of operation, getting a serviced office space that offers a greater variety in its room is beneficial. Even as you decide on choosing the right strategy to continue functions with partial remote access, a hybrid solution, or complete onsite running, fixing a flexible workspace option is necessary. You can choose an office space where there are private office spaces available along with conference rooms that are well equipped with all the basic amenities. 

With sufficient balances in the varied kinds of rooms, a hybrid solution where a part of the workspace returns for on-site work will be possible. Even as the full function is restored with a complete onsite restart for the organization, employees can be well distributed in the available space when a greater diversity in rooms is present. This way a safe distance can also be maintained even while meetings are held with clients as well as the internal team. 

Flexible Decisions 

For an organization, it would be of utmost benefit to make agreements with serviced offices that can be altered with time. Such flexible decision making will allow for office spaces to be alternated to fit the needs of a specific day or month. Especially as further improvements are made to improve the lives of people post-pandemic, businesses can revert back to their usual style and spaces of work for better convenience. 

If a contract is established wherein such alterations can be made to suit your enterprise’s current needs, it will ensure a favorable deal when picking out serviced office spaces. Amending the agreement can also help you switch workspaces till you find the right one that ensures not only greater productivity but also safety for all the employees. 

If you are looking for a private or shared office space that can check each requirement of your list, there are a multitude of options available at myOffice. Our staff can help you select the right fit space that suits your preferences perfectly for a smooth transition into restarting work in the post-pandemic world. 

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