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There is a surge in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and they make up the vast majority of businesses in most countries. The popularity of SMEs calls for updated work methods and solutions. Hence, virtual office spaces can provide an affordable option while still retaining employee productivity. 

What Are SMEs? 

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) like the name suggests include the smaller businesses of the society. There is no global definition for an SME, and each country has its defining criteria for an SME. These definitions intend to differentiate small and medium-sized businesses from large corporations. 

SMEs constitute the majority of businesses in many countries and considerably contribute to the economic growth of the country. These industries are also subject to the constant ups and downs of the economy and thereby need to adapt accordingly. 

Some of the benefits of virtual office services for SMEs include:

Commute time: A lot of valuable time is wasted on getting ready and commuting to work. The time lost in travel also decreases employee productivity. Virtual offices help your employees save time on travel, and instead focus on the task at hand. 

Productivity: Sedentary activities cause numerous conditions that require long-term care. A group of researchers from the University of Sydney School of Public Health in Australia released a study that concludes that sitting at your desk for more than 11 hours a day increases a person’s risk of death by more than 40 per cent in the next three years. 

These findings highlight the importance of physical activity. The human body is not fit for long-term inactivity and requires some type of physical activity. Virtual offices promote the habit of moving around, as the employees are not attached to a desk job from nine-to-five. 

Flexibility: Virtual offices are flexible in the sense that you can manage your work time around your daily schedule and make sure that the work is complete. This ensures that the employees are working when they are productive and promote employee well-being. 

Recruit freelancers: Your business may have global clients, and for this purpose, you can hire talented workers from across the globe who can work at the virtual office. Not only can you hire top talent globally, but you can cut costs on a lot of other necessities. 

Cost-efficiency: Virtual offices are the perfect solution for SMEs because they are affordable. Unlike huge corporations, small enterprises may not have the funding to face an economic liability. Unstable economies can affect the company and lead to downsizing or other solutions. Virtual offices are smart choices as they eradicate the need for a conventional office setting, reduce travel expenses, and increase your profit margins. This increase in profit allows you to invest in other matters.

You can also save the expenses spent on devices as the employees can use their systems. However, individual devices may pose security risks if not maintained carefully. For safety reasons, employers can install safety tools like password monitoring and monitoring apps to eradicate any potential threats. 

Virtual office solutions may not be ideal for all types of industries. However, it is a reliable, flexible, and versatile option for many small and medium-sized enterprises. Our serviced offices can provide you with an ideal solution for your particular company. We also offer phone and mail management services for our clients. 


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