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It can be overwhelming to choose a location for your office space if you are a new startup or company. The perfect location and space for your company, however, may make a major difference.


Having an excellent grasp of the needs of your office and your budget will put you in good stead in what to look for in an office for rent in Dubai. Picking the best place for setting up an office is a decision that in its early days will potentially make or break a company and should definitely not be made lightly.


There are so many things that can have an impact on which office you choose, but here are some of the top considerations that are vital to the process:




Choosing the right spot requires more than just selecting one that’s within a reasonable distance from you and your staff’s homes.


The location of the office for rent in Dubai defines the identity you build for your current and prospective clients. While it is difficult and expensive for a company to get space in prime locations, selecting those locations will help you develop your brand image.


It should be convenient for your clients and employees to access the office. Know the state of roads and flows of traffic. Moreover, take into account the security and access to other facilities such as cafes, restaurants and recreational areas. If the rent costs in the ideal spot are too steep, consider renting a virtual office or sharing space with other companies


It is also good to have access to a wide range of food options, especially budget-friendly ones, around the place.




For most companies, pricing is probably the biggest factor when setting up a new office. If you spend less, either you end up with an office you’re not delighted with, or after a few months, you may find yourself relocating. Spend too much, and you may be struggling to pay the rent, or you may need to move down again. None of these situations is desirable.


Think carefully about the expenses of relocation, fit-out, and internet connection. When choosing an office space, it is important to take into account all the costs involved as considerations.


Assess every space’s pricing to decide whether you get value for your money. Often, lease agreements are covered in the fine print with many fees. When you read the lease report in a rush, you might overlook those hidden fees.


Add up the total cost of moving the company to the new location including renovation and facilities expenses. The room should be worth every cent spent on monthly rent fees from your company.


Environment & Amenities


You want to provide a work environment that is comfortable and safe for your team. The space and room facilities will help you make a smart decision.


If you’re planning to meet most of your clients at the office, find an office for rent in Dubai with a reception area and a conference room.  To hold a meeting, you’ll need the amenities. Consider access to the internet and telephone, parking spaces, and other features such as pantry and storage.


Final Thoughts


Think carefully before coming to a decision and assess all the possibilities, observe the facilities and layout, and review the lease contracts. While looking for an office for rent in Dubai, the brand image and corporate culture must be at the forefront of your mind as well.


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