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Are you someone who wants to be your own boss? Are you looking for freelancing opportunities in Dubai? Before you start off on your dream of freelancing, you must learn the basics of the freelancing permit and what it is like to work from a virtual office in Dubai.


In this blog, we break down the necessary steps you must take to start your freelancing journey in the city.


Understanding freelancing in Dubai

Dubai is a booming city with a constantly evolving economy. The city offers numerous opportunities for people to make money by effectively utilizing the right connections and following the rules. People wish to have the freedom and flexibility of working from the comfort of their home or their own office and manage their finances without undue pressure from stern employers. This is why many individuals in Dubai are now choosing to establish themselves as freelancers and working from virtual offices.


However, before you proceed further with your idea, here are the 4 things you must know about getting a freelance visa and working from a virtual office in Dubai.


The freelance permit


Anyone who is working for themselves without being part of any organization is a freelancer. With the right legal requirements, you can easily start on your career path as a freelancer. However, for doing that, you must establish yourself as a company doing business in your own name. This is where a virtual office can help you. By registering yourself as a business, you can use the virtual office in Dubai as your address and utilize the facilities that come with it.


Using a virtual office and registering yourself as a business will help you expand yourself into a proper-startup company once it starts showing some success.


Eligibility for a freelance business license in Dubai


Technically, anybody who wishes to start their own business in Dubai can apply for the freelance license. However, there are certain rules and guidelines to be followed. For instance, if you hold a permanent job in Dubai, you must get NOC from your employer and also avail a part-time work permit from the Ministry of Labor. NOCs will also be needed from sponsors if you are currently in the UAE under a parent or spouse visa, to apply for the license.


The second thing you must know is that there are only two career paths that you will be allowed to freelance in the UAE. People in Dubai can start their freelancing career in education or media related sectors. So if you are an actor, copywriter/screenwriter, PR person or education specialist, then you are free to pursue your path.


The next step

To apply for your freelancer license in Dubai, you need the following things-

  • An application form
  • Passport copy, visa and NOCs from sponsors/employers
  • Reference letters
  • Model business plan
  • CV and other qualification certificates


To work as a freelancer in Dubai, you will have to submit the application through the free zone authority. The cost for your permit will be up to 20,000AED depending upon the license requirements like sponsoring your family. However, a new scheme from Dubai’s Tecom Group called the Go Freelancers now allows UAE residents to apply for an online permit for 7,500AED, including family sponsorship. If you are under a sponsored visa, the amount payable will be even lower.


Virtual Office in Dubai

Virtual offices are a boon to freelancers in the city. While work can come from anywhere, some of the business entities will prefer working with a professional who has a business address and handles his or her business with more sophistication. This is where virtual offices can help you. With this office, you can register your business under a premier address and utilize facilities like business call handling and mail management. For more information in virtual offices in Dubai, contact us today.


So, that’s the basics of starting your freelance business. Now go and be your own boss!

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