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Once work begins after the pandemic recedes, a lot of new measures will need to be taken to ensure good health and safety for all office workers. This aspect is heavily dependent on the workspace within which all employees and employers will spend a large amount of time working at desks. Especially when using service office spaces that offer a variety of options to choose from, selecting the best fit one that meets all requirements and regulation can be tough to achieve. The following guide will help you decide which style of office will work perfectly in the post-pandemic times. 

Standard Serviced Offices

Serviced offices generally are all-inclusive spaces where both cubicles as well as work desks are available for use within the designated space. As maintaining the recommended social distance would be advisable, rearranging the furniture to meet this need will be feasible given the larger existent space. 

Your serviced office can also cater to your needs and have any furniture changed or replaced to ensure convenience as you work in the space. 

This makes serviced offices a good fit option wherein each regulation is met to provide a safe distance as well as space will help boost productivity. No hassles are attached to servicing such spaces that will mold to your preferences and have amenities that also meet your expectations. Every common area facilities can be well distributed across the office to reduce greater interaction between employees and also avoid crowding in spaces unnecessarily. 

Flexible Workspaces

Flexible working spaces such as hot desks and flexi-desks are optimal solutions that boost productivity and creativity. For organizations that have taken advantage of these benefits in the past, going for the same option in the future is definitely desirable. This style of workspace however would require quite a few alterations to ensure that a sufficient distance is maintained between each employee within a shared office space. Flexi desks can be used by having each employee seated in alternating seats while they collaborate on ideas.

As for hot desks, in particular, alternating spaces too frequently within a day can pose risks and might not be completely favorable unless the rotations are kept for a day. By assigning a space for one day with a safe distance between colleagues, businesses can still opt for serviced flexible workspaces to get their enterprise running. Adopting these protocols will allow the space to be used efficiently and provide much-needed efficacy to the enterprise and its employees.  

Meeting Rooms

A conference or meeting room also makes for a perfect space where coworking can thrive, need certain interventions to be used after the COVID-19 are well in the past. To utilize these rooms that are usually available as a part of serviced offices or on the basis of individual needs, you can make use of the room with the same protocol that was used for flexible workspaces. 

Using alternating chairs in a room that is large enough to accommodate people that can maintain a good social distance, meeting rooms can be conveniently used to serve the needs of an organization. All clients, as well as team meetings, can be held keeping the health and safety requirements in mind while making use of the space to further business. In this manner, coworking can still persist in new and changing environments with well-regulated changes made in the post-pandemic world.

If any of the above workspace features appear suitable to your office needs and preferences, get in touch with our staff at myOffice and reserve a space for your organization today. 


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