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Have you ever wondered what is coworking is and why it is so popular?

Coworking is a work culture facilitated by workplaces called coworking spaces. These offices bring together individuals or small groups of professionals to share a single workspace space while working on individual projects across different verticals. They never follow the same working schedules, projects or even similar professions and yet co-exist and thrive in this collaborate workspace. These shared office spaces are quite popular globally and one of the most sought after workplaces here in Dubai.

There is a reason why coworking spaces have grown to become a global phenomenon. These spaces not only give fully functional office space to work but also offers and encourages every member to mingle, engage in conversations and collaborate in their work, which paves the way to a wholesome office experience.

In this blog, we will explore more about shared offices and the coworking environment that inspires collaboration.

Like-minded individuals

People who choose shared office spaces are mostly drawn towards coworking work nature. These offices motivate like-minded individuals to come together and form a professional community where they can interact. These collaborative communities provide each member with guidance and newer perspectives to look at their work make and effective decisions. People connect and interact in this social workspace to promote their career growth as well as contribute to the growth of their office peers.

A Place for all

Coworking and shared office spaces are meant not just for freelancers and entrepreneurs who are taking their baby steps. As coworking promotes ideas, innovation and growth, these offices are suitable for everyone from freelancers, startups and even regional offices of bigger corporations. This is why coworking has become the best workplace trend of the decade. While it is an alternative to the isolation of working from home for freelancers, it reduces the costs and risks associated with leasing an office space prior to full-fledged operations for bigger corporates.

Workplace flexibility

Another reason for the growing popularity of coworking is its flexible nature. Individuals can choose to work according to their ease and comfort at any time of the day in these shared office spaces. For instance, if you are a freelance writer who is at best form early in the morning, you can just pop into the office at 4 am in the morning and work till 12 pm noon. On the other hand, if you are a small group of IT professionals who are working for clients in the US, you can stay back late into the night with no worries about the office closing down in the after hours. Working in these shared office spaces provides immense flexibility in terms of time and mobility for all the members of the coworking community.

Studies by Deskmag, the popular online magazine for coworking states that over 2 million coworking members are expected in the year 2019. This is a clear indication of the popularity of this work environment and the shared office spaces that facilitate it.

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