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A simple Google search for “executive meeting room rental in Dubai” and you will be spoilt for choices. So the problem isn’t whether there are meeting rooms for rent, the problem is finding a meeting room that is the right fit for your business needs.

In this post, we shall be looking at the most important things to keep in mind when looking for an executive meeting room


Facilities Offered and on-site support

These two factors are very important when choosing an executive meeting room. It is very important that you choose a meeting room that has all the facilities that you will be needing for the meeting.

So as a rule, you should ask to know whether all the services and amenities are included in the initial cost of the meeting room. And if not, how much will it cost to get all the necessary facilities. This will help you identify whether the overall cost aligns with your budget. Otherwise, you may have to look for another one.

While meeting room facilities vary from company to company, there are some essential facilities that every modern executive meeting room should have. Some of these include ergonomic chairs and tables, high-speed internet connection, working printers, telephones, and video conferencing capabilities.

It is also important that you choose a conference room with standby on-site support, should there be any kind of technical failure during the meeting. This is a very important factor and you should discuss with the rental company before signing any paper.


Payment and Actual Cost
A large chunk of the budget for hosting a meeting go to the meeting room rental. So it is crucial that you take your time to ascertain the actual cost of different facilities and the value they offer. It is important to know that a good executive meeting room will cost you a decent amount of money but the most expensive isn’t always the best. In the same vein, there a lot of meeting room rentals that come cheap but have a lot of cost in terms of tax, additional facilities, and support.

Before you book a meeting space or sign any kind of contract with a rental company, make sure you understand the company’s payment terms and conditions and what that means for your budget. Also, some companies require a security deposit before the conference. Ask to know if this is the case with the rental company you have selected.


The reputation of the Service Provider
In the business world, reputation and goodwill are worth more than silver and gold. When selecting an executive meeting room, endeavor to go for a company with a good reputation.

Fortunately, you don’t need to stress yourself too much when researching the reputation of a company. A simple Google search will return multiple information about the company, including customer reviews and testimonials. You can see these on their Google page, social media pages, and third-party review websites.

The Meeting Room Environment and Ambiance
While budgeting is important when shopping for an executive meeting space, endeavor to choose a meeting space that aligns with the class of people that will be attending the meeting. As a rule,  the environment and ambiance of the meeting room should be in tune with the theme of the event or meeting.

The type of meeting room you choose for meeting important clients or stakeholders will be different from what you choose for a team building or casual meeting. Keep this point on top of your mind when making meeting room decisions.


The convenience of the Location
Are the expected attendees coming by flight? Will they require parking spaces? Will a majority of them be coming through a particular bus terminal or region? These among other questions will help you determine the most suitable venue for your meeting.

While there are other more important factors when it comes to choosing a meeting room, considering the needs of your attendees will also reflect on the quality of the meeting. If it is a meeting that will take a long time to finish, also consider the availability of a canteen within the premises

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