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Meetings are essential for employee collaborations and to have discussions before making major business decisions. Before, it was only about scheduling the time reserving the meeting room for the day. However, COVID-19 has made it different, and you are required to follow extra measures to ensure maximum safety for your colleagues, employees, and yourself. This article will look into five guidelines your business should follow a safe and eventful gathering during the pandemic.

Capacity And Social Distancing

It is essential to stick to the correct headcount and keep a distance of 3 feet in-between two people. However, do not hurry to cut off the number of seats to a half and do social distancing. Instead, have a look at your meeting room. Check out the dimensions and try to use the spaces that you usually did not use before. This way, you can keep your social distance and increase your capacity.

Floor Plan And Furniture

Most business centers and offices are equipped with exquisite furniture in meeting rooms to bring out the professional ambiance to the environment. But with the pandemic, you can focus more on getting the work done and consider removing them temporarily and opt for smaller tables if available. You can also think of ways to rearrange the existing space to get more from the room.

A Thorough Sanitization

Sanitizing has become an everyday part of life. However, if you plan for a meeting where people gather, you need to pay extra attention to the sanitization process. Sanitize your meeting room 30 minutes before attendees arrive and follow the same after ending the meeting. If your meeting or the conference is extended for long hours, have a 30 minutes break to sanitize the place in-between. This will help to mitigate the risk of facing the coronavirus.

Use Digital Resources

Going digital is one fine way to stay safe during the pandemic. If your meeting consists of presenters and listeners/viewers, you can section them, put the listeners/viewers in a different room, and let them live stream. This will help decrease your meeting room’s capacity and keep the physical attendance to the bare minimum. Also, you can make a priority list of who needs to be attended for the meeting and share the meeting minutes with the rest to share the points discussed in the forum.

Event Food And Beverages

If your meetings used to end with F&B services, you might have to think twice about that before initiating them during the pandemic. You should avoid self-service buffet options and opt for pre-packed meals or boxed meals.

These extra steps will help prevent spreading the virus and ensure maximum safety for every participant.

Follow these guidelines for a safe meeting and conferencing. If you do not have enough staff or space in your office to go by the rules, rent a meeting room at myOffice for your meetings and conferences. We have a variety of meeting rooms which includes board rooms, training rooms, and breakout areas. We maintain regular sanitization and disinfection, adhering to the rules and regulations of Covid- 19. Contact us now to book a meeting room in Dubai with guaranteed safety.

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