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Coworking spaces – a shared concept – presents all the benefits of an office setup while keeping costs in check for business owners. These office spaces are ideal for freelancers who need both a flexible as well as a professional workspace. Being self-employed means looking into almost every aspect of your business, and it can be quite challenging. 

These communal workspaces help bring in a sense of community to this otherwise solo-office setup. The space is a wonderful way to work under the same roof as other passionate individuals and in this manner, nurture a culture of support, inspiration, and growth. 

Spaces such as these enable freelancers to become part of a thriving community of professionals that motivate each other to be productive. For you to get the most out of your shared office experience, it is crucial to have an impactful first day. Here are essential tips to help you comfortably settle in at your coworking space.

Come Prepared 

Shared office spaces offer a wide range of services that are available to ensure efficiency at work. Everything at a coworking space is designed to promote productivity and collaboration- from the strategically planned floor area, the ergonomically-designed seating to thoughtfully allocated spaces. 

It helps to prepare a checklist of the tools required to work, such as your laptop, stationery, journal, or any other electronic devices you use a day before you begin in your new office space. These, along with the information and documents related to current projects, will help you start productively on your first day. 

Get Acquainted With The People & The Culture

One of the greatest benefits of being at a coworking space is the opportunity to network. Learning to properly communicate with your coworkers is essential in establishing connections at a shared office. Adorn a proactive mindset that is sure to open a wide window of opportunities for collaboration and support. 

Day one is also a time to get to know the reception and admin staff at the location. These are the people you can depend on for any assistance pertaining to your membership of the serviced office. It is also a smart idea to spend some time understanding the norms of the office space with the team that is well versed with all the necessary information you need to have handy at all times. 

Inform Your Key Persons

Committing to an office space is a big step for all business professionals alike, especially so for freelancers. Hence it is essential to share the news of this endeavor with your broader network. Emails should be sent to inform clients and suppliers and close partners of the new step your business is about to take to further its growth and success. You can also do this via phone calls to add a personal touch. 

The first day is also a good time to access various areas of the office space and familiarize yourself with all the amenities that are provided with the agreement. Moving from working at home to a coworking space needs getting used to, and if extra privacy is needed, there is the option to avail of a private room for work. In addition, booking a meeting room for a presentation to the key persons of your business can be impactful and keep everyone on board to help you plan your way forward.  

At myOffice, our staff is always at hand to provide the assistance needed for a confident start within a coworking setup. Our world-class services create a reliable platform to begin work with the total focus necessary to get your business to staggering heights of success. Check out our prestigious office addresses for more information today!


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