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The best co-working and shared working spaces offer much more than a desk and a good wifi connection. They are home to some of the most thriving communities you will ever come across. Small time entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nerds, remote workers and other independent professionals co-exist and join hands to create a collaborative and mutually-supportive network that’s unlike anything you know.

So how are such communities built? Shared office space in Dubai has a unique culture of its own that allows networking to thrive much better than traditional workplaces. So, if you are looking forward to working in a shared office space, here is how you can start networking effectively –

Start Talking

One of the easiest ways to widen your network is by striking up conversations with people in your co-working space. You will be surprised at how people open up when you take the first step.

Shared office events

When a number of companies share office space, there will be many in-house events, mostly right before the weekend. Attending and actively participating in these parties will help you talk and bond with a diverse community that co-exist in your office.

Share your expertise

You can build better relationships with your co-workers by extending your help to the ones who need them. It is a unique experience, where you help others with their work using your skills. It helps to get yourself introduced to other opportunities out there, which will give you ideas on who to work better. It is also an excellent opportunity to establish your own brand among others, which will benefit you in the long run.

Enjoy lunch dates

Start having your lunch in the community pantry with others which is a good place to take conversations forward. Luncheons are great places where ideas spring up, which could help you in your work front or otherwise.

Hold your own events in the office

When you bring in more people to the office as part of workplace events, it will encourage your co-workers to be part of your event. Such events are excellent places where you as well as your co-workers can find more clients and business. Most shared office spaces in Dubai have community managers who specifically work together with you to advertise and share your events with others.

Take your network online

An active online community of shared office space workers will help bring in more ideas through collaboration even after work hours. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp have become an integral part of this active connected community.

Be warm to newcomers

Newcomers to your shared office space will always feel a bit overwhelmed. Be warm and friendly to them and offer to take them around, introducing them to your peer group. By helping them settle down, you are welcoming new people and fresh ideas to your ever-growing community.

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