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As the world continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, organisations are focused on finding ways to successfully tackle unique challenges and achieve goals under a new normal. We are experiencing change across industries worldwide and being adaptable is a sure way to keep marching forward. 

The flexible workspace industry is one such industry that is in the midst of redefining itself. Smart providers are restructuring their operating models to address the current scenario. The best serviced offices in Dubai and in other leading global cities are no different. In fact, their close association with clients from a wide range of industries necessitates an advanced level of adaptability and modification. Serviced offices are already initiating a new approach to their offerings that is defined by the four pillars explained here.

Focus On Productivity 

Gone are the days of making the best use of space to fit as many staff as possible. The focus now is on efficiency. Flexible office providers are keenly looking at ways to help increase productivity. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure better interactions between staff. Therefore, there is a growing need to create environments for better engagement with smart spaces that help deliver a positive ambiance. Thoughtful interior design now seems to blend form and function where aesthetics and improved efficiency are both equally important. 

Customized Payment Plans 

Premium workspaces have also started offering tenants flexible payments to help manage costs and keep businesses happy. There are tailor-made plans for monthly and yearly rental packages. A leading serviced office space in Dubai has even gone a step further to offer contracts with zero commitment that gives tenants the freedom to completely pay attention to their business goals without having to worry about the term of an office contract. Payment offerings are also fully inclusive of all solutions and priced according to the size of the office space – allowing tenants to adjust their spending by modifying the area they occupy.

Space As A Service 

Serviced offices are no longer only just about physical spaces. These workplaces have expanded to include soft services that contribute to the overall well being of tenants. There are dedicated teams across the board to provide professional support. From business setup specialists who assist with important paperwork and processes to multilingual receptionists and admin staff who manage the day-to-day needs, there is a more comprehensive level of support.  Exclusive executive solutions like call handling and mail management are now complementary and provide reliable assistance. Regular sanitisation is also a daily feature, so businesses can continue being productive even in the midst of a health crisis.

New Technologies

Smart office providers are now taking technological offerings to a whole new level to attract and retain talent. These hi-tech initiatives are intended to address the varied needs of a growing multi-generational workforce. There is more focus on education and training through digital means along with a reliable platform for collaboration via a network of interconnected smart devices. State-of-the-art facilities are now of utmost importance to help keep business ahead.

Contact us to benefit from the latest serviced office industry trends with zero commitment payment plans and a host of specialized services. We are well-positioned to support your business growth with a business center in Dubai Marina, in addition to centers in Downtown Dubai and Business Bay.

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