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2020 has been a challenging year for almost everyone. The pandemic has altered the way we live and the way we work with markets and economies experiencing a much slower pace of progress. With the new year, the attention has now shifted to new approaches and a new vision to encouraging growth again. The fresh thoughts also come with smart strategies after a year of dealing with Covid-19.

Coworking providers have a great opportunity to look back at the crises to understand today’s market realities and also work towards stability for future disruptive challenges. Of course, there is also the fact that, as of writing this article, the coronavirus situation is still a reality – which has to be factored in. Learning from the year gone by is a reliable guide to follow when implementing new standards and practices for coworking in Dubai and other global locations. Today, the focus is on safe and agile shared workspaces that form the basis for success in 2021. New strategies by smart office providers will include the following three key aspects. 

Prioritizing Health And Hygiene 

Understandably, one of the biggest and most important factors for today’s coworking spaces is health and hygiene. Shared workplaces will incorporate greater measures for the wellbeing of all tenants. The new practices will cover daily sanitization and disinfection of facilities and communal areas including the pantry and reception areas. Regular sterilization procedures will also cover office equipment and furniture including desks, buttons, door handles and switches. 

The responsibility for hygiene will further be imposed on coworkers and staff with medical-grade sanitizers and disinfectants available for use in key areas. Masks are already mandatory inside the coworking space due to their support in drastically reducing contamination and helping prevent users from unnecessarily touching their nose and mouth. Thermal checks at entrance points will provide an additional means to ensure no occupant is working with a fever or sickness. 

Revisiting Workspace Design 

Flexible office providers are also adopting a totally new approach to the interiors. New designs will be based on recommended cleaning protocols as already seen in any exceptional Dubai business center. Glass barriers and high screens are being incorporated at key common areas and workstations. In addition, behavioral signages will be placed at strategic places to encourage health and safety habits and precautions. 

The reimagined layout will be most evident in the setup of workstations. Seating arrangements have already incorporated 2-meter distance between seats and focused work areas have been distinctly assigned for social distancing. The measures to avoid close contact will also extend to work schedules where staff are encouraged to report in shifts to keep office density in check. The interiors will further factor in proper ventilation and circulation of air for fresh and clear breathing. 

Considering Large Enterprises 

Flexible workspaces are definitely the new normal as larger businesses show growing interest in coworking spaces as well. This stream of growing demand means coworking providers need to plan their services for multinationals and larger teams too. Many businesses are opting for lesser dependence on traditional office spaces by reducing their investment in fixed real estate. There is a move from expensive owned spaces to flexible and affordable short-term shared spaces. But at the same time corporates are looking for health and hygiene along with cost optimisation. Therefore, coworking spaces would do well to re-evaluate their office density to ensure social distancing.

While many businesses are migrating their teams to remote working, there is still a need to provide staff with the option of a professional environment, since not all employees may have access to a peaceful and well-equipped workspace. Coworking spaces also deliver a collaborative environment, which is necessary for success. For this reason, organizations are booking shared spaces even with work-from-home and remote working arrangements. 

Contact us to benefit from the latest coworking trends with unparalleled importance given to health and safety, design and productivity. We are well-positioned to support your business growth with a business center in Dubai Marina, in addition to centers in Downtown Dubai and Business Bay.

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