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You must’ve all heard about the importance of getting the energy spread about at a workplace, and how much of it impacts your productivity. It is vital to get the fresh amount of energy running in everyone so that the workplace gets filled with it, and helps in sprucing up everyone else’s work as well. 

Space relevantly plays a wide role in getting everything in place including the energy of the shared office space, making it a lively place to work in. Once people cater to this and make their work environment thriving with positivity, there will be a drastic change in the way people work and produce energy from it. It is proved that the energy seemed to increase drastically after there were certain changes brought to the environment of the shared office space. It’s important to get that done right in every workplace if you are looking for people who work with immense dedication and increased productivity. Let us go through some ways on how to create a thriving environment at a shared office space:

Bright And Beautiful

Have you noticed how positivity seems to swoop in, the moment you open your curtains? That’s the magic of light and how much of an importance it creates to the entire shared office space. Studies show that letting in natural light in the work environment can boost productivity than staring at the light on your screen. 

Employees who work in a shared office space claims that their views and access to natural light has improved their well-being and job performance. This is why you can add this special feature to enhance and brighten up the workplace as well as the energy between the employees. 

Paintings And Vivid Colours

Spray the wall with vivid colours that help in keeping the employees wide awake. It is proven that the usage of such colours usually brightens up the shared office space and it is very noticeable and thus develops positive energy among people. 

Extra Details

You must’ve noticed a plant on some people’s desks. It is said that adding plants to the workspace tends to lower stress and also improve performance among people. Plants also love the idea of basking in natural light, which will be equally good for people at the workplace. 

Consider adding design elements that have round edges or are circular as they help in enhancing creativity. Working in a shared office space with a few curved edges can help in inspiring more organic conversations and collaboration. 


It is heard that the staircase theory works well when being used at a shared office space. It is said that open and internal staircases tend to increase the rapport shared by people at work.  People are usually energised by the idea of just being with others. They tend to feel a stronger connection to people who are close to them. It would be a great choice to add staircases to your shared office space to help ease the energy and positivity shared between people at work thus binding them together. It is proven for a fact that physical closeness of people tends to increase their chances of developing friendship and so does open staircases. 

These ways show that space can create a huge difference in the behaviour of the people working in a shared office space in Dubai. Using these ways helps in creating a thriving environment, making it a place for employees to work in with increased productivity.




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