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Many of us tend to overlook the importance of an ideal office setup for our workplaces. But, in truth, a poor office setup can be damaging to the productivity, motivation, and success levels within an organization. This is why serviced offices in Downtown Dubai and business centers focus heavily on the office set up as part of their service. This article will discuss the main components of an ideal work setup that many serviced offices incorporate in their workspace solutions.  


Furniture is one of the main components of an ideal office setup that affects a person’s overall attitude towards work. Unfortunately, bland furniture impacts the employees and delivers a boring and uninspiring vibe to whoever visits an office space – be it from your clients to customers.

In the typical 8 hours, an employee spends most of the time seated on their workstation to perform their job. So the chair and the desk space of an employee within an office must consider all aspects of comfort and health when choosing appropriate furniture.

Nowadays, serviced office setups concentrate more on ergonomic furniture- which is believed to increase productivity by keeping comfort levels high. This also avoids health hazards that can arise from sitting and working for prolonged hours in inappropriate positions. 

Ergonomic arrangement 

A good ergonomic workstation arrangement is also considered an important component in an ideal office setup. This is where furniture and other equipment (especially the desktop or monitor) are arranged in a way that offers a relaxed and neutral posture to employees, minimizing the risk of developing any injuries. 

Not to mention the position of furniture such as chairs and desks should also compliment the health standards. For example, the monitor or computer screen should be at least 20 inches (51 cm) from your eyes, which is about an arm’s length distance.


The lighting is indeed an important component of an ideal office set up- which significantly affects employee performance. Natural lighting is so energizing and refreshing and keeps employees attentive most of the time. Soft lighting, on the other hand, can boost mental health and prevent screen squinting.

There are plenty of other lighting options made specifically for office purposes that offer excellent lighting with minimum glare – adding just the right touch of light into an office setup. 

A dark or dull office lighting can interrupt the focus levels of employees, exhaust the energy levels, or even cause dizziness from time to time. In worse cases, when employees use computer screens or other screen-based devices in dark or dull light-set up, it can impact their vision and cause other unhealthy side effects.

Not to mention, lighting also greatly impacts how aesthetically pleasing a workspace appears to clients and significantly affects their “First impression” perspectives. This is why serviced office spaces incorporate impeccable lighting into their office setups. 

If you’re looking to conduct a business in an ideal office setup that considers all these important components, then get in touch with us at myOffice. Considering all the precise aspects of an ideal and healthy office set up, all our workspace solutions focus on enhancing productivity, creativity, motivation, and success.

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