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One of the current trends among businesses these days is availing serviced offices, regardless of the company is a start-up or not. The reason for this is that serviced offices in Dubai enable a business of any size to establish their presence in a thriving business center in Dubai. With the increasing demand for serviced offices, selecting the right one would be a more tedious process. No worries, you just must only consider a few factors to ensure you’re selecting the right office space and it’s best to thoroughly understand how serviced offices work.

First and foremost, a serviced office works like your typical office setting. It has to be fully-equipped with furniture and equipment, only that in a serviced office, it is being managed by an appointed administrator. Many of the serviced offices in Dubai offer flexible rates for your office rental. You’ll be free to choose based on your office needs before coming upon a lease agreement, which is available for either a short or long-term basis. Maintenance, security provision, and other amenities are often inclusive when you go for an office for rent in Dubai.

What’s good about serviced offices is that it does not involve long-term agreements or paying in huge deposits, which makes it ideal for start-up companies that are yet to make a profit. Serviced offices provide a cost-effective solution to companies who are looking for an office space.

Before you go for an office rent, you have to carefully plan your means and ways of renting serviced offices. Before contacting a serviced office space representative, it’s important to know the specific needs of your office. Does it have to be in a specific location, like in Business Bay? Should space accommodate a specific number of people? Should the office have a certain style that would attract clients? Those are some of the questions to be answered when assessing the best-serviced office for your company.

During the initial inquiry regarding serviced offices, the representative should disclose their pricing, the lease agreements for both short and long-term, their available office setup packages, if they do customizations, and other included amenities for your rental.

It’s also important to assess whether the security IS efficient or not as it is one of the major concerns when renting offices. You can check the level of security they provide if they have working CCTV cameras, safe and well-lit parking spaces, and 24/7 monitors that oversee the people coming in and out of the building.

If you’re looking for a high-end serviced office space in a prime business center in Dubai, then myOffice would be your perfect choice. Our offices range from one-person executive suites to larger 20+ person spaces and are fully furnished with elegant furniture that is designed for both style and comfort.

myOffice provides state-of-the-art serviced offices that are conducive to a co-working environment with individual workspaces of various sizes. All spaces are fully inclusive and are priced according to the size, which gives you full control of your budget to move on your desired date.

Contact us now to get your office in a place where success happens!

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