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Selecting the wrong office space will not only impact the morale of your staff or the image of your business by your clients it can also interfere with the cash flow of your company and affect the overall profitability of its operations.


There is no single workplace that can satisfy all the requirements and conditions of a company. Settling in a typical office space seems to be the best investment option for some businesses.


On the other hand, companies that are not yet in a stable situation to forecast the future of the company may opt for a serviced office. Here are the characteristics and perks of traditional office spaces versus serviced office packages to find out which choice is best suited to your core business needs.




Serviced offices like those provided by myOffice provide a lot of flexibility compared to conventional offices with long-term and usually locked leases. Adequate leeway makes serviced offices in Dubai the best option for start-ups (including established companies) that need a simple, cost-effective and scalable business space solution.


Lease/Rental terms


The lease for a serviced office is shorter and only lasts for a few months, while traditional offices tend to require long-term leases that last for years.


Companies who are at a stage where growth and investment returns are unclear may find an appropriate office solution in a serviced office due to its affordable monthly payment plans covering services and other facilities such as maintenance, supplies and operating costs.


Larger businesses with more stable progress may be better off investing in a traditional office space that gives them access to a secure headquarters or main operating location, with their own equipment and services as part of the long-term investments of the organization.




You will need to set up and pay for all services in conventional office spaces, including internet access, Wi-Fi, heating or air conditioning, electricity, and more, which in addition to the rent or lease payment reflects a recurring monthly cost. Meanwhile, all of these services are included in your rental costs in the serviced offices in Dubai. It is also possible to have access to secretarial services and admin support as part of the package.


Ready For Your Business


For conventional offices, you need at least 1 to 2 months before you can get your business off the ground because you need time to organize the office’s utilities, furnishings, IT, facilities and anything else that your business requires.


For serviced offices, on the other hand, as they are already fully furnished, fitted and functional, you can move in and get your business up and running far quicker. There’s no need to wait for a month or two to set up amenities, decorate the interior, establish IT systems, and other requirements for your company.


Final Thoughts


When all is taken into account, which sort of office space is most beneficial to the company would come down to each business’s particular circumstances.


A serviced office in Dubai will be a fantastic option if you don’t want to lease for a long time but still want service support so it is easier for you to concentrate on your main business and have an expert team to take care of the facility.


Whether you are looking for serviced offices in Dubai or more traditional office space in innovative business hubs, myOffice will determine the best solutions for your company so you can bring in the best talent, improve efficiency and boost productivity.

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