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Serviced offices are rental spaces of optimal use for businesses of all kinds and sizes to use as employers and employees work to further their organization’s success. It can also be used as a space where client meetings are planned and executed by making use of the meeting rooms present at the facility. 

As the pandemic progresses, it presents more challenges than ever before to all types of businesses across the world. To counter these testing times effectively, the serviced office industry has introduced a non-commitment policy that greatly benefits business owners and firms. All beneficial aspects of this endeavor are explained below for your benefit. 

Fluid Contract Terms

Businesses across the globe are retorting to restructuring their business to cope with the outcomes of the current pandemic. Serviced office spaces are rising to the occasion to help organizations thrive better under the given circumstances by introducing fluid agreements wherein they can choose short term contracts or monthly basis terms of use. This relieves owners from the pressure to stay bound in long term contracts and can make use of the services in a favorable contractual time. 

Besides this, businesses can also use virtual tours, in-person tours, and schedule trial basis terms of agreements to take advantage of the allowed provisions. Flexible payment plans are also offered so that firms can easily support themselves and risk any additional costs from being incurred. This ensures that there is little to no commitment expected by such providers, which will save you from a greater financial crunch in the upcoming months. 

In Sync With All Safety Guidelines

When it comes to safety measures and guidelines, all users can be assured of optimal safety standards and precautions taken by the serviced facilities. The business center will not only practice social distancing through their staff on-site but also through the arrangement of all the furniture and amenities that are present in the office. All seats are arranged in a manner where 2 meters of distance is maintained at all times for utmost safety. 

Daily temperature checks are also conducted for all office tenants to ensure that every individual is healthy as they enter the premises and also while they stay there. Wearing masks is also a mandatory policy that will further enable businesses against committing extra time to maintain such pristine conditions around themselves as they work in such office spaces.

Priority To Sanitization

To further maintain top safety standards within the office spaces, the staff is committed to sanitizing every surface regularly. From facilities, furniture, pantry items, and communal seating, all areas are thoroughly sanitized for your comfort. Desks, buttons, door handles, drawers, and switches are all disinfected regularly and DHA-approved medical-grade sanitizers are also placed at walking distance in every spot around the office for ease of all the occupants of the serviced office. As the staff is invested in these practices, there is no commitment required at the users’ end to maintaining such standards for everyone’s health and safety concerns. 

Avail all these benefits of a no-commitment policy by visiting a serviced office space today at myOffice, where our staff will guide you through all the policies that have been created for your business. To get started today, contact us and book a tour to view our facilities. 


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