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Over the past few years, traditional workspaces have been replaced by a new kind of business housing option named the serviced offices. These fully functional workspaces offer a ready-to-occupy workspace for every kind of business, from startups to large corporate firms.

Unlike the typical office setup where a business owns a stand-alone building, a serviced office operates multiple businesses within its premises. Exclusive office spaces are rented out to independent businesses to establish their offices and start with their operations.


Serviced offices in Dubai are one of the most common and popular workplaces within the city. Just like the rest of the world, businesses in Dubai find this set up as a more feasible and functional alternative to owning an entire building for running a small business.


Small businesses, as well as big corporates, find serviced offices advantageous due to a number of reasons. In this blog, we explore the various reasons to understand why these offices are getting more and more popular in this part of the world.


Cost Efficient Workspaces

Serviced offices in Dubai are a cost-effective workplace alternative to conventional office spaces. The cost of renting out these offices are much lower as opposed to owning an entire building. Moreover, these offices are especially great for small businesses as they can get started easily without compromising their budget. Serviced offices in Dubai are in fact one of the most affordable choices of a workplace in the city.


Premier Locations

Shared offices in Dubai occupy some of the premier locations within the city. These offices claim of prestigious addresses that strategically attract customers with its name and location. If you own an office within such an establishment, chances are that your potential customers will be impressed right from the minute they view your office address. When choosing your office location, always remember that first impressions can work wonders for your business.


State-of-the-art facilities

As a business owner, the first thing that you would look into is the facilities available at the place where you want to run your business from. Sophisticated interiors, fully functional IT infrastructure and a great working environment not only appeal to your prospective clients, but also to your employees. Having a great office that caters to the needs of everyone is working there, improves productivity and work satisfaction. This will give you business the much-needed leverage above your competitors. Serviced offices in Dubai, as the name suggests are managed workspaces that come with all the necessary facilities and much more within state-of-the-art office spaces.


Additional services and added flexibility


Serviced offices in Dubai also offer additional services like a professional full-time receptionist, call and mail handling services and IT and technical support. These added services provide flexibility to your business and help manage the many functions of your business, without hiring more people.

With in-house support for your administrative and concierge needs, you can hire business experts and specialists who can help take your business to greater heights.


With all these reasons, it is no surprise that more and more entrepreneurs and business owners are choosing serviced offices in Dubai. With additional services that come as a package deal for the leased out office spaces, serviced offices are the best of all the housing options for your business.


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