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There are a few things you should keep in mind when using the meeting room in your coworking space.

First of all, it is important to understand that a meeting room is one of the most commonly used spaces in a coworking setting. While coworkers can work in any of the desks or even the business lounge, most of them prefer hosting clients in the meeting room so as to take advantage of the facilities therein.

In addition, the meeting room shields one from distractions and provides absolute privacy when discussing with clients or team members. With these points in mind, it is important that you use the meeting room in a manner that shows regard for other people using the space.

Here are some tips for using the meeting room in your coworking office.


Close the Door
Closing the door during the meeting will be beneficial to you as well as to your fellow coworkers.

First of all, one of the merits of hosting your meeting in a meeting room is to provide you with privacy and reduce external interference or distractions. Closing the door will help you enjoy this merit. It will also ensure that other coworkers do not hear your discussions, especially when you are discussing confidential issues with clients or your team members.

In addition, leaving the door open may also be a source of distractions to your fellow coworkers. Some people thrive in a noiseless environment and the conversation from the meeting room may be interfering with their work.

Shutting the door during meetings will help you get a better result out of the meeting while ensuring that your conversation isn’t a source of disturbance to others.


Book Meeting Rooms Early
Like I stated earlier, the meeting room is one of the most commonly used spaces in a coworking setting. Therefore, waiting until the last minute before booking the space may leave you frustrated.

As a safe practice, you should ask about the availability of the meeting room you intend using before scheduling a meeting. But when this is not possible, make sure to book a meeting room immediately after scheduling a meeting.

Doing this will not only help you secure the meeting room of your choice but can help you make necessary arrangements with other coworkers, in case there is a clash of interest.


Stick to the Schedule
Apart from booking the meeting room early enough, it is also necessary that you vacate the room on time. Sticking to the schedule is important so as not to interfere with your fellow coworkers’ time.

What are we trying to say here? If you booked to use the room for 30 minutes, endeavor to stick to the time. Conclude the meeting at least some minutes before the time and politely ask attendees to leave the room.


Clean the Conference Room After the Meeting
You should endeavor to clean the tables and take out the coffee cups and napkins after the meeting. This is because a fellow coworker may be waiting for you to finish before walking in with his or her client.

For one, leaving the meeting room dirty does not say anything good about you. Secondly, it will put the other coworkers in an awkward position. Leaving the client less impressed and consuming the time that he or she will need to get it cleaned up.

While it is the responsibility of the service provider to keep the facilities clean, simple gestures like wiping your tables will help foster a good relationship between you and others.

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