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Working in a virtual office has become increasingly prevalent today, and people have embraced it enough that it’s no longer unusual to talk business with someone while in the comfort of their own homes.

However, many business owners tend to believe that they will kill employees’ productivity and creativity by launching their virtual business or moving to a virtual office.

They assume that working from home will distract staff with a lot of variables like family, friends, bed, television, and others.

While it is true that they are likely to be distracted, research shows that individuals become more productive in their own room. When a person is comfortable with his environment, he tends to be more efficient that will make him perform efficiently, competently and intelligently.

Staying organized is the key to a productive and sustainable workplace. It’s just too difficult for some individuals to be alone all day. Moreover, members of the family may not realize that you are genuinely working.

Good thing, there are some practices that can help make your virtual office run smoothly. Here are some of them:

  • Use an Online Project Management Tool

You can download many of these online. The project management tool acts as an organizer and calendar for your job-related documents and materials. It provides an online main area in which everyone can connect and communicate to get their tasks done.

Make sure that you set up proper procedures and guidelines so that everyone understands how to use it and where to find stuff in it.

  • Dedicate a Work Space

While working remotely, many people end up watching Netflix or Youtube all day long, cleaning, or practically just procrastinating. If you were at an office and was caught doing those, you would likely get sacked.

Set up a location in your house that you only use for work to avoid this. Moreover, this should be the only area you’re working in the house. Do not do your job at the table in the kitchen or on the sofa. Do not eat at your workstation or play games.

  • Maintain streamline communication

Discover other ways to connect and use them to enhance correspondence, and it may be via chatting or email. Chat rooms are preferable because emails often become go unnoticed as most of them are not perused.

Audio and video calls are yet another way to enhance your interactions. For these kinds of correspondence, platforms like Skype and Whatsapp are the most ideal for businesses. 

  • Spark Competitiveness within them

Sometimes a little motivation is all it takes to increase worker productivity. It might come in different respects such as Recognition programs, contests or bonuses for employees. When a worker is rewarded before everyone else, it brings a feeling of appreciation and also compels the others to do better so they are acknowledged as well.


  • Set a Schedule

Many individuals who work at a virtual office do their tasks well into the night or even on the weekends without a timetable. The job is right around and they feel under pressure to complete their to-do list that seems to never end. It’s a trap! Leaving your work at the office is okay. And scheduling or planning your deadlines can enable you to implement that rule and regain control over your life.



Virtual offices are a greater way of promoting productivity, so use it as your primary benefit and inspire staff to perform well. If you demonstrate some trust in them as the employer, they’re going to be pleased and work efficiently. In order to preserve and boost productivity in these kinds of offices, all the tips provided above are crucial.

It’s also good to arrange occasional meet-ups with your team. After all, nothing beats face-to-face collaboration. For instances like this, myOffice would be happy to provide you with spaces and services that will meet your needs.

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