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Serviced offices provide you with all the amenities that you might need when operating in a corporate space. There are certain services that must be ticked off your checklist in order to ensure that you get the most out of a serviced office. These considerations are provided for your convenience below and can help you reap the utmost benefits for your business.

Prime Location

Your serviced office must be present in a location that allows for perfect accessibility and convenience to your clients and employees. This will ensure that they can reach your office easily and conduct business in a timely manner. The location also matters for employees that visit restaurants during their lunch breaks and therefore it must have good eateries, convenience stores and public transport stations in its vicinity. 


A serviced office must be well established with furnishings that can help communicate ideas with great ease and comfort. For employees, having furniture that provides mobility would mean that they can approach more team members and communicate their ideas and get solutions for problems as and when needed. It will also help promote collaborations between members and help each person be more productive. As for clients, furnishings that include a projector, screen and other presentation tools will enable them to conduct better business with you. 


Having a variety of rooms included within your serviced office space will help segregate business needs when necessary. For example, when a client comes in to do business, a meeting room that is ready for use will be highly beneficial for companies that also have employees sharing the same serviced office. Any managerial meetings can be separated according to the space provisions from those that are conducted with all members of a team. 


A serviced office must provide a multitude of facilities that will make sure any business prosper with ease. A few of these include a pantry for preparing beverages, such as tea and coffee, for both employers and clients along with other refreshments. 

Office supplies are also a must along with printers, photocopiers, fax machines, telephones and a strong internet connection. This will ensure you are connected all the time with managers and clients. Parking spaces for employees, employers as well as clients must also be provided to ensure feasibility for all individuals that approach the office to do business. 


A serviced office should support any business’ needs in terms of their administrative staff: They finalize a rental package that fits your business size and requirements. Furthermore, if the service support staff is multilingual, they can easily communicate all information in the language that you are most comfortable with to use. In addition to these services, they also help in terms of phone call and mail management, which ensures that you are focusing on your business activities, while your workload is relieved. 


Highly secure offices that are well monitored in terms of the visitors and individuals who have access to the office spaces will help you be more comfortable in the serviced office. You can also be confident and have complete peace of mind when it comes to conducting any business activity as it will all be secure and confidential. 


Serviced offices provide for great networking opportunities, as many providers hold such events on a regular basis. You gain contacts of fellow businessmen and women who frequent such spaces and look to connect with people from different fields and conduct business with them. In this way you acquire clients and even employees for your company and boost your profits and brand recognition in the market. 

By making the above-mentioned considerations, you can be assured that the serviced office you choose to conduct business in will be the best fit for your firm. To learn more about which serviced office will cater to all your needs and requirements, contact any of our myOffice branches and gain benefits for your organization like no other. 

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