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For start-up companies, finding the right time to find a new office space would depend on the needs, the location of regular clients and customers, and the growing size of the company’s employees. Choosing the best office for rent in Dubai would be a difficult task as there are many companies that offer serviced offices in the busiest business centers in Dubai.

If you feel like finding a better space would improve productivity among your employee, then it probably is the perfect time to consider relocation. But to also determine if the whole company would benefit from the relocation, you must consider a few points:

Growing Company Size

One of the most important things that business entities should assess beforehand is the expected growth in the number of employees. If your business nature is the ones that would require large manpower, then you opt to invest in a space that would accommodate such size. However, if your start-up company would allocate a certain budget for a specific number of people throughout a specific duration of time, then it’s better not to rent for offices that have so many additional spaces. It’s important to be firm on when you will venture into further recruitment, and if you’re planning to add more staff for your expansion, then you might as well rent a bigger office space first.

When Your Company Needs Flexibility

What’s good about serviced offices in Dubai is that it enables a business to choose between short-term leasing agreement or for a long-term rental contract, and only pay for the space that they would need. With those spaces, it’s entirely up to the business on how they would make the most out of the given space, whether to expand it or reduce it.

High Turnover Rate

The office space is one of the biggest factors that affect the employee’s interest in staying with the company. A good office space encourages productivity, growth, and motivation. Cramped and dull offices would only add to your staff’s stress and would lower their productivity as they do not feel motivated with their jobs. To better understand your employee’s wants and needs, it’s good to conduct a survey. Some factors to consider would be the equipment, lighting, accessibility to other services, and how long or difficult it would be to commute to the location.

By understanding these factors, you’ll know if it’s the perfect time to get your office into relocation. Through this, you may discover that your current office space is not as conducive to professional career growth as you expect it to be. As we are living in a city where thousands of companies are moving in a rather fast-paced development, it is essential for your business to be located in the most reputable business center that would allow your company’s success.

myOffice provides a seamless office for rent in Dubai with locations in the city’s most prominent business centers: in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, and Business Bay.

Move your business to a new and much better serviced office in Dubai. We have a wide range of flexible office spaces and fully furnished office suites. Contact us now to expand your business with us!

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