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Having a fully furnished and serviced office can be like having all the right tools to start your business venture; the only thing you need to do next is to make a move and dive into your chosen field of work. Serviced offices themselves make it very convenient for you to start your business as you do not have to worry about other things like moving in, settling, hiring an interior designer, and selecting the right furniture to meet your professional demands. Instead, with serviced offices, you have all of this done for you. All you have to do is pick the right office space, which will suit your vision.

Serviced offices also give you access to valuable business support solutions and advice from experts to kick-start your dream project. Conventional offices come with more responsibilities than advantages and may not be a financially wise choice if you are starting a new venture. The innovative office spaces not only save your money but also save time. The shared office space enhances employee motivation and morale, which further improves employee productivity. With all these added benefits, one may think that serviced offices may be pricey; however, most conventional offices require more funds and legal requirements than service offices. 

So, Why Go For A Serviced Office?

1. With conventional offices, you need to pay for the entire space you rent, even if you do not need it. Whereas, with serviced offices, you only pay for what you use. 

2. The offices for rent usually are not furnished, so you need to spend extra money on furniture and interiors, which may considerably delay your start date. Serviced offices are fully-furnished, which means that you save money on furniture shopping. 

3. Setting up a traditional office can be time-consuming as you have to look for other facilities such as installation, parking spaces, and cafeterias. Setting up a serviced office requires no time at all, as you do not have to plan each matter, but instead, you can choose a space and move in the same day.

4. In a traditional office, you need to hire your receptionist and admin staff, whereas, in a serviced office, you are provided with phone and mail management services. 

5. Even if you face any technical difficulty, you will have to find, hire, and pay for an IT or networking professional. Serviced offices have onsite IT technicians who will arrive at your location and immediately resolve your technical difficulties. 

6. In traditional office spaces, you need to set up the kitchen and catering from scratch, whereas serviced offices provide catering services and have an inbuilt pantry.

7. These offices are equipped with high-tech technology like laptops, computers, telephones, monitors, and whiteboards. Whereas in a traditional setup, you will have to purchase all the equipment.  

Serviced offices provide greater flexibility and affordability for all kinds of businesses. You are provided with exactly what you need, and you are charged for only what you use. These flexible and short-term contracts have made the idea of office spaces much more manageable. If you want a meeting room for rent, we can provide you with that, and if you are looking for a space that goes with your vision, you have the freedom to choose from our varied options. Now is the time to start your business venture in the perfect space!

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