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Having a virtual office and managing a remote team can be challenging if you don’t follow the correct tactics. Irrespective of the fact, whether it is a co-working space or virtual office, you need to follow the right management tools and practices to get the maximum from your staff. This article gives you some tips for managing remote employees in a virtual office.

Be Flexible

Being flexible is one of the essential things when managing remote employees. Your staff is working from home with many distractions. Some might want to work in a different house when the house is quieter or want to go for our early morning. You can discuss and ensure these time frames as long as you get high-quality productivity from your staff. 

Track The Progress

Once you have set up daily or weekly goals for your workers, track the progress to ensure the work is done. This can help both workers, and you, understand the workflow without causing discomfort and miscommunications. As long as you are sure the job is running smoothly, you may not have to pressure them with repeating deadlines.

Enhance Communication

Communication is the key for virtual offices too. As long as your communications happen with daily updates, there won’t be problems at work. This also gives a chance to discuss the matters and resolve them. You can use zoom calls, audio calls, messages, or emails for your daily communication with your team.

Be A Good Listener

Managing a remote team will not be easy to work in a traditional or serviced office if you do not follow the right strategies. You must be a good listener first to be a good communicator. You need to hear in detail about the problems or the challenges your team faces while working from home. This can bring minimized errors and quick solutions to enhance the overall productivity of your business.

Allocate Time For Meetings

Setting up meetings weekly and reserving some quality 30 minutes to one hour can positively affect. Use the meetings to discuss upcoming tasks and get opinions from everyone before finalizing a decision. This will make the team feel more substantial and involved and positively affect their work.

Implement Systems

Now that you have already stepped into the modern way of handling a business, you need to further extend the practice by implementing a system to make work easy. This can be tracking, storing, collecting data, communication between teams, or simple HR work using systems to make things more fast and easy to work.

Use Phone And Mail Management Service

Answering the phones, checking up emails, or receiving emails to your resident can cause problems in your business reputation. You can get the phone and mail management service from your shared office center to make it more convenient and professional.

Following these tips will help to run your office smoothly and similar to having a traditional office. You can get your work done, and business runs in a cost-efficient way if you implement the strategies properly. If you are looking for a virtual office and get your business registered in a prime location in Dubai, contact myOffice for more information. We are happy to deliver the best services to your company.

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